Lamium acts especially on the female reproductive organs and urinary organs.

Lamium is very useful to cure following symptoms of the patient:

Head-related symptoms: Lamium should be used to cure symptoms of the patient who is suffering from headache and violent pain in the front and back parts of the head.

Symptoms related to menses and leucorrhea: Lamium should be also used to cure a woman who has suffered from leucorrhea, early and scanty menstruations.

Stool-related symptoms: If a person excretes hard stool with blood, Lamium should be used to cure his disease.

Symptoms related to urine: If a person is feeling as if water drops are dripping from the urethra, Lamium should be used to cure his symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body: It is beneficial to use Lamium to cure diseases of the patient when the external organs of his body are paining violently and feels pain as if his body has torn.

Heel-related symptoms: If a person has suffered from blisters after little rubbing of his heels and wound on it, Lamium should be use to cure his symptoms.

Quantity (dose): -

3rd potency of Lamium should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases.