Lalemnrtia Royleana



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Name in different languages:

Hindi          :        Balanga, Dhari, Gharei, Kasmalu, Tukhambalanga

Marathi      :        Balanga, Balamgu

Gujarati     :        Tutalanga, Tok malanga

Latin          :        Lalmentiya rai, Liyana


         Lalemnrtia royleana seeds are heavy and nutritive. It is useful to cure diarrhoea, dysentery and bloody piles. Especially, it is useful to cure gonorrhoea, heart weakness and bloody diarrhoea. It makes normal to heart pulsation too.

           Make the thick powder by grinding toasted seeds of Lalemnrtia royleana and mix sugar and water in this powder to make syrup. Taking this syrup calms the brain and quenches excessive thirst. Tying poultice of seeds of lalemnrtia royleana on the affected part is useful to get relief in wound, ulcer and pimples. Mix about 10 grams lalemnrtia royleana and loaf sugar with cow milk. Taking it is also useful to get relief in leucorrhoea.