Ladies Finger



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      Ladies finger is a nutritive vegetable. It contains fiber in rich amount than other vegetables. It is considered very useful for making the intestines clean. In India, ladies finger is used as a vegetable.Ladies finger is a nutritive vegetable. It contains fiber in rich amount than other vegetables. It is considered very useful for making the intestines clean. In India, ladies finger is used as a vegetable. Soup, saag (cooked green vegetable), curry and spicy curd (rayta) are also prepared from ladies finger. A smooth and resinous substance comes out from a ladies finger that is mixed in the colours. Ladies finger is also useful for preparing paper. It is very beneficial for curing several types of disease as indigestion, spermatorrhoea, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, pinus and Vatta disorders.    

Colour: Ladies finger is green and its seeds are black or brown.

Taste: Ladies finger is vapid, sweet and tasty.

Structure: The height of its plants is equal to human being. Its leaves are big and wide. There are two kinds of ladies finger- Thorny and Soft. Soft ladies finger is qualitative and nutritive than the thorny.  

Nature: It causes flatulence (Vadi) and takes time in digestion. 

Precautions: Ladies finger is harmful for cool natured persons. The patient who suffers from cough, indigestion and gas trouble should not take ladies finger because it may be harmful for such patients.


Ladies finger enhances the appetite but causes flatulence. It increases sperm count and strength of the body. It also brings the phlegm out. It contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, sodium, sulphur, proteins, iodine, vitamin-A, vitamin B-complex and vitamin-C. It also contains good quantity of proteins. Vitamin A does not destroy after cooking but vitamin-C destroys.    

Useful in different diseases:

1. Dysentery: Eating cooked vegetable of ladies finger removes intestines’ irritation. Therefore, the patient of dysentery should take ladies finger. Its use provides relief to such patients.

2. Anuria and dysuria: A person gets rid of anuria and dysuria by eating cooked vegetable of ladies finger. Its use passes the urine out easily. Its use also makes the urine clean.

3. Sperm count: The sperm of a person will become qualitative by eating 20 to 25 pieces soft ladies fingers daily. He will get body strength.

4. Rheumatism: Take the root of ladies finger with sugar to get relief in rheumatism.

5. Spermatorrhoea: Grind fresh seeds of ladies finger and mix a little sugar in it. Taking this mixture ends the burning sensation caused by spermatorrhoea.

6. Hernia: A person gets rid of hernia by tying the root of ladies finger plant in the waist on Wednesday.

7. Leucorrhoea:

  • Make fine powder by grinding the root of ladies finger plant, dry pindaru, dry Indian gooseberry and Indian kudzu each 50 grams together. Mix 25 grams ground liqourice in it. Taking 1 spoon this powder with cow milk daily provides relief in leucorrhoea.
  • Make the powder by grinding dried root of ladies finger plant. Taking this powder twice a day provides relief in leucorrhoea.

8. Diabetes: Cut stalk of ladies finger into pieces and dry in shadow. Grind them and filter it with sieve. There is a condition here that the strainer should be as in which fine flour is sieved. Mix equal quantity of sugar-candy in this powder. Take half spoon this powder with cold water on empty stomach in the morning regularly. Diabetes disappears by its use.