Modern hair style



         In this modern age, there are several kinds of hair styles to which most of people want to adopt. Pay attention on your face before adopting any hair style because hair style affects face first of all. Sometimes, wrong hair style destroys the beauty of your face too. 

Blunt cut:

         This cut suits very much in straight hair.

Layer cut:

         In this cutting, hair is cut a little from side and up. Hair is kept long at the back side.

Boy cut:

         In this hair cut, hair of sides is cut a little from the backside.

Strep cut:

         In this cut, hair is cut a little from the upside. Hair of the middle region and lower region is kept long. This hair style is very good for curly hair.


         Besides these cuts, you can make your hair in many ways instead of long hair. You can change the style of your hair on time to time and try to adopt new hair style. Many times newness comes in hair style by leaving your traditional hair style.