Often, lipstick is used by women to increase the beauty of lips. Lipstick is available in several shades. You can choose it according to the robe worn by you. Always purchase lipstick of good company because cheap lipstick makes lips black and rough. If you want to make another shade of lipstick, you can make good shade by mixing two lipsticks. Full lipstick should not be opened fully. It should be opened a little and expand your lips fully while applying lipstick.   

         Make out line on the external portions of the lips with the help of pencil. Now, apply lipstick properly with the help of brush. Then, press a tissue paper between the lips to remove extra lips from the lips. Now, apply another coat of lipstick. Apply chipstick on the lips before the coating of lipstick if they are cracked. If your lips are dry, apply a little foundation on the lips before applying lipstick. No line will appear on the lips by doing so. A little face powder can be applied on the lips with the help of puff to give them a perfect look. 

How to make lips juicy:

         If your lips have been cracked or there are cracks in them, apply a little honey on the lips. Lips will become soft and shiny within some days by applying honey.


         Take four big spoons cocoa butter and one small spoon honey wax. Then, keep honey wax in a fry pan and melt it by keeping the fry pan on a vessel in which water is boiling. Finally, then mix cocoa butter in it. Apply it on the lips with brush after cooling the preparation. 

         Mix honey wax, cocoa butter, lanolin, oil of khubani, wheat jerm oil in a fry pan. Keep this fry pan on a vessel in which water is boiling to melt the whole preparation. Keep on shaking this preparation with the help of a spoon and cool it. Apply it on the lips with the help of brush.   

         Take about half spoon henna root, 30 ml almond oil and 10 grams honey wax. Then, grind the root of honey and mix almond oil in it. Keep this preparation for ten days. Then filter oil and smelt honey wax by the method as mentioned above and mix in the above preparation. Let it dry properly and then shuffle it. Finally, apply it on the lips with the help of brush.