How to look beautiful forever



      Every girl is trying to look better than the other girls in this modern age. She wants to make her face and body very beautiful to become the center of attraction for all. One more thing is also essential to be beautiful and that is the clothes. If you are the owner of beautiful face and attractive figure but you don’t have the adequate method of wearing clothes, none will see you. Attracting other people is not a hard task but it depends on the way of making up.

     To be beautiful is the dream of all women since the centuries. A beautiful woman wants to be more beautiful to be the center of attraction. She wants to attract all by her beauty. A woman who is not beautiful too tries to be beautiful as much as she can do for it. She adopts every formula or cream to improve her personality. 

      Generally, it is said that beauty is boon gifted by God and there is no need to improve the beauty by using cosmetics and other formulae to look pretty. Ubtan made from homely products as fruits, vegetables, herbs, milk-curd are not only cheap but also more effective than the other cosmetic products. But, in this modern age, women don’t want to spend their time and money by thinking that all these things are available in the market and there is no need to spend money and time in preparing these things. They don’t think about the bad consequences of such products purchased from the market. Here, efforts have been done hare to persuade them what should be used by them to be beautiful according their skin because sometimes, cosmetic products can be harmful for skin. Besides it, some tips have been given here how they can improve the beauty of their organs and what shampoo will be beneficial for them. Here, information about each body organ of a woman has been given here.


  • Many girls wear anything according to the demand of fashion. They don’t pay attention whether the dress suits on their body or not. Sometimes, they wear such kind of robes that they feel unwell.  Wear those clothes only in which you feel comfortable and other people praise your clothes.
  • Pay too much attention while purchasing clothes for you whether dress and its color suits your or not. Try to wear that garments before purchasing whether you are feeling comfortable or not by wearing this dress or you are looking beautiful by wearing dress or not. Don’t purchase clothes according to fashion demand or by the choice of your friend. Choose color of the clothes which improves your personality.
  • Check dress whether it is clean or there are spots and dirty marks on it before wearing. A dirty mark or spots can spoil your personality. Clothes should be ironed properly. Spray any good perfume on the clothes after wearing them to improve your personality along with clothes.  
  • Purchase clothes of branded companies. Clothes of such companies are some costly but they are good in quality, fitting and color. Choose clothes and color which you like most.
  • Always remember one thing that you should feel abundance of clothes in your wardrobe. Keeping some simple clothes in the wardrobe is a good idea. A simple and plain sari can be put on with the blouse of jari. In the same way, plain salwar-kamij or plain bangle shape shirt can be put on with a special kind of scarf. If you are going in the market, you can put on plain scarf or choli along with these clothes. Don’t make habit of wearing one dress again and again because people will start to identify you by that dress.     
  • Color of our clothes clears out our mental level too as red color produce contraction in our body and blue color provides relief to the body. Red color produces excitement in our body while pink color brings romance and warmth in the body. Yellow color is stimulating and provides confidence. Thus, you can choose clothes according your mood and situation.    
  • Always purchase such clothes which can be put in all seasons throughout the whole year. You should purchase such clothes in rainy season which do not absorb water soon and dry soon. Cotton and silky clothes are not good for rainy season because such kinds of clothes absorb water but they get shrunk after drying. Clothes made from nylon, Terri Lon, polyester, rayon, are good in rainy season because such clothes get dry soon without shrinking. Clothes made from nylon, jorget and heavy clothes should not be put on in summer season. In this season, cold clothes as riffon, kadak organdi and americal jorget should be put on. Hot clothes as nylon clothes, silky clothes and woolen clothes should be put on in winter season.


         Now, you should wear such clothes which suit you whenever you go out. Put on light colored clothes in the morning whereas dark colored clothes should be put on in the evening. In the same way, light colored clothes should be put on in summer season and dark colored clothes should be put on in winter season. Not only to be beautiful is necessary to attract other people but also manner of wearing clothes along with beauty is also necessary.