Hair care



  • Every woman wants to be beautiful in this modern age and this is the reason that she takes care of her body properly. Hair is an essential part of woman beauty. A woman wants long, shiny and silky hair so that every one may attract towards her. Hence, hair care is very necessary to get beautiful hair. 
  • Everyone can attract towards a woman if she has fair face, intoxicated eyes and silky hair. Hence, every woman should try to make her hair beautiful and healthy along with face and other body organ.
  • People used to think in ancient time that gait of a woman describes her character, skin describes her liking and hair describes her nature. Therefore, long and loose braided hair along with a flower makes her face soft and braid hanging on the neck gives an attractive look to the face. Stylish and cut hair signifies the confidence of a woman and dry hair describes hatred for life.
  • In ancient time, women were well versed in make up and hair care. They used to use home made product to make the hair beautiful. They used to apply muscovite, herbs and fragrant oils to make hair healthy and soft.
  • Today, hair fall, dandruff and grey hair are the common problems. Most of people have been suffering from such kinds of problems. This is the reason that hair care has become an essential need not a hobby. Women keep on thinking to make their hair long, shiny and thick hair. They want to avoid from hair fall during pregnancy. To avoid from such kinds of hair problems, we should know the main cause of hair problems. Sometimes, hair becomes grey in early age due to cold and catarrh. Hormonal disturbances, anxiety, wrath, constant working, constant thinking about sex, too much copulation or lack of sleep are some causes of the origin of hair problems.

Types of hair:

  • Hair plays an important role to make a person more beautiful. Hence, hair care is very essential. There are many types of hair and simple hair is considered good hair.  
  • Several kinds of hair problems take birth because of different kind of head diseases.

Types of hair:

  • Simple hair
  • Oily hair
  • Dry hair
  • Double mouthed hair
  • Curly hair

Simple hair:

  • A person can make her hair easily if hair is simple. Dandruff does not take birth in such kind of hair. Simple hair should be washed with shampoo once or twice a week. Only fragrance and foam should not be observed if you are selecting shampoo for hair because foam and fragrance are not necessary to get shiny and healthy hair. We can say to that shampoo a good shampoo which makes hair healthy and required nutrition. There is no need to be worried if shampoo has less quantity of fragrance and foam.
  • First, make wet to your hair at the time of washing hair. Thereafter, apply shampoo in hair. Rub shampoo in hair root properly. Shampoo should be applied gently not tightly. After sometime, wash hair and apply shampoo again. Thus, hair should be washed once in a week.  
  • If you want to make your hair in style, the use of conditioner becomes essential but only light conditioner should be used. Dry your hair be patting with towel. Hair should not be rubbed tightly otherwise hair can break too. Use brush carefully and set your hair by drier. Drier should be kept 15 centimeter far from hair. Drying hair by using brush is better than the drier. Oily excretion of hair becomes abnormal because of too much warmth by hair dryer and doing so can be the cause of several kinds of hair problems.    

Oily hair:

  • All the people who have oily hair face hair problems. Mental disturbances and hormonal changes can be the causes of hair problems. Hormonal changes can occur after the birth of a child too. Besides, if thyroid glands are not working well, several problems take birth in oily hair. In this situation, you should start treatment patiently.   
  • If you feel stickiness in hair, you should wash your hair soon because dust and soil particle can harm your hair and hair fall can start too. Oiliness of the hair can be the cause of dandruff and because of this reason the victim will suffer from faded skin of the face, neck and back. 
  • Too much sweet or chocolate should not be included in meal.

Dry hair:

        Dry hair should be washed once or twice in a week with a light shampoo. Conditioner should be used too. Conditioner should be washed properly too so that stickiness may disappear from the hair completely. Fingers should be moved gently in the root of hair. If there is filth in hair, you should consult to the doctor of hair.  

Double mouthed hair:

       Hair becomes double mouthed after drying because of any kind of harm. Hair can become double mouthed if roller, hair dryer etc are used on large scale. Besides, too much use of shampoo, using a dirt-clogged comb or brush, lack of vitamins in meal can be the cause of double mouthed hair.   

Curly hair:

        Hair becomes curly because of the wetness in rainy season or using brush or comb or rubber band by pressing. A person faces great difficulty while setting hair.

Treatment to make hair simple and healthy:

  • To end the curliness of hair, apply conditioner in hair from the middle portion to the last edge of hair. Shampoo should be applied in the root of hair and set hair after drying by using pamed.
  • Bleaching, perming, dye, hair spray etch should not be used in hair.
  • Massage hair twice a week by applying lukewarm almond oil. Thereafter, drench a towel in hot water and wrap around the head by twisting it.
  • Double mouthed hair should get cut. Care of small hair is easy.  
  • Apply henna wax in hair and wrap a towel drenched in hot water. Wash head with water after half hour properly and use shampoo.
  • Do not use fast hair spray while setting your hair because hair becomes fade and unhealthy by its use.
  • Lack of the secretion of sebum is the main cause of hair problems. Circulation of sebum gets affected because of dandruff. Massage your hair to get rid of this problem.  
  • Brandishing fingers in a circular way in the root of hairs is the best way to massage hair. Fingers should be brandished on the other region of the head by giving light pressure after brandishing finger on one portion of the head. Doing so provides relaxation and normalizes blood circulation. This kind of massage can be done anywhere and everywhere but this kind of massage should be done by another family member or friend lovingly.
  • Only lemon shampoo should be used if hair is oily. Mix shampoo in water and apply in hair properly.
  • Hair should be washed properly. No dirt or particle of soil should be left in hair after washing.
  • Mix lemon juice or vinegar should be mixed in water if you are washing your hair at the last time.
  • Make your hair in any simple style. Clean, shiny and simple hair appears attractive and lovely.  
  • Light parming in hair reduces the oiliness of hair. In this situation, hair should not be shampooed again and again.
  • Hair conditioner can be used once or twice in a month too.
  • Dry your hair by towel after washing head. Set your hair by using brush and dry by using dryer.


  • Cleanliness of hair is very essential for beautiful and healthy hair. If your hair is dry, you should wash your hair twice in week in winter and 3-4 times in summer. If you are busy in your daily routine life, you should wash your hair at least twice in a week in summer and once in a week in winter season. Oily hair is too much sticky hence wash such kind of hair daily. Dandruff does not take birth in oily hair. Shampoos are available in the market according the kind of hair. Shampoos are available for oily, dry and simple hair in the market. Shampoo made from soapnut tree than the shampoos made from chemicals. If you cannot use shampoo, you should use ground Indian gooseberry, soapnut or soap made from acacia concinna. Mix gram flour in sour curd and apply in head. Hair becomes black by applying this preparation. Mix ground fenugreek seeds in curd and apply in head to keep hair black. Comb and hair brush should be neat and clean. If there are lice in the head, the use of perlice cream is beneficial.


  • massage head is very beneficial for scalp. Nowadays, girls do not like to apply oil in their head and they try to avoid by applying oil in the head if their parents say to them to do so. They forget how important the massage of head is before bath. Hair roots get nutrition if oil of spikenard, pennywort or Indian gooseberry is applied in the head for massage. Hair becomes healthy because of increasing circulation of blood in the head. If your hair is simple, massage head once in week and if hair is dry, head should be massage twice in a week.   
  • Heat a little to the coconut or sesame oil and apply in the hair by massaging properly at night before sleeping. Massage your head in the morning too with the help of fingers’ tips too before washing head. If application of oil at night is not possible, oil should be applied in the morning. Drench a towel in hot water and twist it. Cover your head with this towel. After one and half hour, massage hair root properly and then wash your head. Blood circulation becomes high and hair fall will not start.  


  • Untie your hair at night before sleeping and brush hair properly. Hair becomes free from dirt particle along with exercise. Hair should be kept in untying condition in the morning while walking or doing exercise so that hair may get oxygen in proper quantity. Keeping hair in sunlight is also necessary because sunlight is the good source of vitamin ‘D’. Wrap a cloth on your head at the time of cleaning home so that dirt particle may not enter in your head. Hair should be kept in untying condition for sometime before taking bath. 

Lice in the head:

  • Dirt of the head is the cause of the origin of lice in the head. Lice do not take birth in the head if hair is kept neat and clean. But sometimes, lice come in neat and clean and long hair from the head of other persons. Using comb, brush and hanky of the lice affected persons can be the cause of the origin of lice in the head. Lice leave nits in the head and grow there. Sometimes, lice of the head become the cause of typhoid too. Hence, try to get rid of lice by using some tricks. Use combs in which there are thin notches. Comb your hair for long time properly so that all the lice may expel out from the head. Mix 10 percent D.D.T. in talcum powder if there are too many lice in the head and apply in the head before sleeping at night. Cover your head, face with a cloth properly and sink into the lap of sleeping. Wash your head in the morning. All the lice die by doing so but nit do not die. To kill nits from the head, apply this preparation in the head after 8-10 days. Comb should be neat and clean by washing with soap and hot water. Bed sheets should also be washed in hot water to kill lice if they are present there too.


  • There should be a rich quantity of protein, vitamin ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’, calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine in meal if you want to make your hair healthy and strong. Heavy meal, fried foodstuffs, spicy foodstuff, hot beverages and sweet should not be taken. You can take milk, curd, egg, cheese, butter, carrot, tomato, cucumber, radish, spinach, amranthus, leafy vegetable, Indian gooseberry, guava, lemon, dates, groundnuts, mango, grapes, orange, apple and other seasonal fruits in your diet. 
  • All the required minerals and salts will be absorbed by the body. Such kinds of minerals are essential for hair. Bread made with yeast and with siftings can be taken to complete the lack of vitamin ‘B’. Pulses with peels are also beneficial for it too. Keep your hair in sunlight for some time by untying to provide oxygen to the hair. Lack of iodine is not good for hair. To complete this lack of iodine, you can take water caltrop, talmakhana and other eatable things which are grown in water. Vitamin ‘D’ can be get from fish or cod liver oil too.
  • If you increase the quantity of minerals, vitamins and protein and decrease the quantity of carbohydrate and fat, it not only makes you healthy but also makes your hair long, thick, black, shiny, smooth. If you are the patient of constipation or your digestion system is not good, you will suffer from hair fall and grey hair. Taking tea, coffee and other hot drinks are harmful for hair. In addition to, anxiety, stress, tension and mentally work can be the causes of hair fall.   
  • Improve your diet to break the constipation. Mix one lemon juice and two spoons honey in water and drink to get rid of constipation. Taking triphala powder or isbgol is also beneficial too. if you have anxiety or tension in your mind, good and nutritive diet can do nothing. Complete and sound sleep is also necessary for beautiful and healthy hair.   

Some homely formulae for hair care:

  • Shuffle one egg properly and mix wine in it and apply on the head for 10 minutes. Hair grows properly by using this preparation.
  • Boil leaves of mint and cerelery fruit (ajmod) in water to make decoction. Apply this preparation on the head and massage head. Its use grows hair properly.
  • Mix some chopped pieces of onion in half cup wine and keep for one day. After one day, sieve to the wine and throw onion pieces. Massage your head by this wine. Its use stops hair fall and new hair starts to grow on the head.