Beauty care

Beauty care

Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


          Every person wants to be look beautiful. Arrangement of time for beauty care is very hard in the busy life because of too much work at home, office and other deeds. In this situation, spending time to sustain beauty and health is not easy. But, a woman can improve her beauty and health by living at home too.  

       Beauty is the biggest ornament for a woman and she does everything to sustain it. Here we are describing some tips by following them you can sustain your beauty and will become the center of attraction for all.

Homely tips to improve beauty:

  • Never sleep without removing make up. Cleanse your face with wet cotton wad and cleansing milk before sleeping.
  • If there is lipstick on your lips, you should not try to improve it again. Hence, cleanse your lips properly before the application of new lipstick’s coat. By doing so, you will feel a kind of freshness and real color of your lipstick will not disappear.
  • If you are feeling that there is no glow on your face, you should not apply red color lipstick on the lips. If you want to apply lipstick of this color, you should apply one shade dark foundation on the lips than the color of skin. In addition to, color which is to be applied on the cheeks should be one shade dark than the skin color.  
  • If you have thin hair on your lips, you should never apply earthen colored lipstick on your lips. If your skin is like earthen color, your lips will disappear after mingling in the skin color. 
  • Never apply light colored lipstick on your lips because if you have any skin problem, the marks of the face will become darker than the lips. If your teeth are dirty, application of light colored lipstick will give your lips a yellow look.  
  • Don’t eat chocolate on large scale because coco flavor excites to the oily glands. Pimples appear on the body because of too much use fat and sugar. Eating one apple daily is very good.
  • Don’t eat oranges more than one or two in a day because red pimples can appear on the skin because of the fast acidic substance. This thing is applied on strawberry and citron (chakotra).  They also should not be eaten on large scale.
  • Don’t use oils which are sold in market because they are made with minerals. Hair becomes grey by their use. In the same way, never apply dye in hair. Dye contains harmful chemicals which harm to the hair and skull. If you don’t dye hair once, your hair will become grey. 
  • Don’t use any shampoo and medicated soap to get rid of hair and skin problems. Medicated dandruff does not clean dandruff but makes the condition more serious than before. Benefits of the use of such things are temporary and prove harmful after sometime.
  • Don’t take tea or coffee more than twice a day. Take fruits juice, lassi and carrot or cucumber (kheera) juice.
  • Remove extra cream from the skin before sleeping at night and go into bad for sound sleep. The skin absorbs the nutrition within twenty minutes.
  • Never apply soap on the skull which you have applied all over the body. This soap leaves a layer on the head which does not dissolve easily. This layer is very harmful for hair. Such kinds of substances check the path of hair and oily pores. Traits of dryness produce dandruff in the hand. In addition to, alkalinity of soap removes the natural acidic cover of the skull. Thus, skull becomes the victim of bacteria. Hence, good shampoo or shampoo made at home should be used to wash hair.     
  • Don’t use such drinks which contain lots of foams because such drinks don’t quench the thirst like cold water, fruits’ juice. Such drinks contain too much sugar. Cola excites the oily glands of the skin like coco of chocolate.
  • Drench a cotton wad in fresh milk and apply all over the face after getting in the morning. Doing so should be the first work done by you after empting the bowel.
  • Mix powder of orange peel and dry double bread in a little milk. Massage your face with this preparation with this preparation gently. Its use removes marks and spots from the face. 
  • All stomach disturbances disappear by eating raw Indian gooseberry or its compotes. The skin and hair becomes shiny by its use.
  • Eat carrot, sweet beet, cucumber and guava regularly because vitamins existed in such kinds of things provides relief just after reaching into the body.
  • Wrinkles of the face disappear from the face by rubbing orange juice mixing with cucumber juice.
  • Rub too much ripe and red tomato on the smooth skin and wash face after ten minutes. The user gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • Mix half spoon lemon juice, 2 spoons rosewater in 28 ml glycerin and fill into a bottle. Apply it on the face twice a day if you want to make your skin smooth or soft.
  • Cut a potato in round shape and rub them around the eyes or scrape a potato. Keep potato scrappers on the eyes by closing them. Wash your eyes with cold water after 15 minutes. Dark circles disappear by doing so.  
  • Apply a little honey and cream on the peel of lemon and rub all over the face. Wash face with lukewarm water after drying.
  • Cut an apple after peeling and rub it all over the face. Thereafter, wash your face after 20 minutes. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • Mix siftings of wheat in milk and use for washing face in place of soap. You can mix a little honey and cream if your skin is dry.
  • Mix 7-8 cuddapa almonds and pinchful turmeric in a little milk. Apply it on the face and wash your face after 25 minutes.
  • Mix rosewater in muscovite, ground lentil pulse, raw milk and sandal powder properly. Apply it on the face for good result.
  • Mix juice of one tomato and one carrot properly. Apply it on the face and wash face with lukewarm water after half hour.
  • Acnes disappear within one week by applying ground black pepper on the face.
  • Application of cucumber juice on the dark circles of the eyes provides lots of relief.
  • Wrinkles of the face disappear from the face disappear by the application of egg yolk.
  • Rub ice pieces on the small pimples of the face many times in a day.
  • Often, lips get cracks in winter season. For it, apply Vaseline, petroleum jelly or cream on the lips at night before sleeping. Apply a little mustard or coconut oil into the naval. Application of ghee rubbed bread on the lips provides lots of relief in cracked lips. 
  • Peel a ripe chicoo and rub its pulp on the face. After fifteen minute, wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Dry peel of lemon and orange peel in shadow and grind them. Mix it in honey and milk to prepare fine paste. Its application on the face provides lots of relief.
  • Wrinkles of the face disappear by applying egg yolk on the face.
  • Prepare paste by mixing sandal and muscovite and rub on the face.
  • Crush one ripe banana and mix a little honey and curd properly. Apply it on the face and wash with lukewarm water after drying.
  • Mix lemon juice and fresh milk in barley flour and apply all over the skin of face for soft and clean skin.
  • Grind some pulp of an apple and mix in a little milk. Rub this preparation all over the face gently. Lines of the face disappear from the face by doing so.
  • Mix a little sifting in the yolk of egg, cucumber juice and sandal powder. Apply it on the face and cleanse face with sponge. Tightness of the lips does not disappear by doing so.
  • Mix juice of half lemon in 28 ml glycerin properly. Mix one tomato juice too in it and apply on the face. Wash your face with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. A new glow on the face comes by applying this preparation on the face.
  • Mix a little olive or almond oil in one spoon honey and apply on the lined near about the eyes. Apply this preparation daily. 
  • Immerse 8-10 seeds of cuddapa almond at night and apply on the face after drying. A person gets rid of wrinkles of the face by using this medicine.  
  • Mix some milk in one spoon gram flour, pinchful turmeric and apply all over the face. Wash face after 15 minutes.  
  • Mix lemon and cucumber juice each one spoon. Apply it on the face. Its use absorbs extra oil of the face.
  • Mix a little rosewater in sandal powder and muscovite each one spoon and half spoon curd properly. Apply it on the face. Contracted skin becomes well by its use.
  • Grind nutmeg with milk and apply on the face to get rid of wrinkles and marks and spots of face.
  • Mix a little barley flour in honey and curd each one spoon and half spoon glycerin. Apply this preparation on the hands and feet along with face. Its use makes the skin smooth.  
  • Rub pulp of ripe papaya all over the face and wash lukewarm water. its use provides lots of relief.