Lack of Sexual Urge in Women


Relationship between husband and wife deepens along with great sexual pleasure when they cooperate to each other fully while making sexual relation. Man has been considered the hero in this relationship but assistance of women is too necessary. Today, it has been found in India that there is a lack of frankness in women in the reference of sex. A woman feels lots of difficulty in the techniques used by the man during sexual intercourse. Instead of it, women get and provide sexual pleasure. Besides it, many women who show no movement while making sexual intercourse. It seems that there is no life in them. There is a heart in them but no sexual urge and emotions. They appear as dead statue lying on bed. A man feels as if he were making sexual relation with a lifeless thing not a woman. Such women do not have sex urge.

There are many women too who do not help to their husbands during sexual intercourse. Such women do not want to make sexual relation with their husband after their marriage but they do not have courage to refuse to their husbands by making sexual relation. They do not refuse by making sexual intercourse to their husbands because consecrating themselves to their husbands at first night becomes a compulsion for them. Neither a woman helps her husband in sexual intercourse nor does she take interest in it at all. She has a lack of enthusiasm at the time of coition. She pays no attention what her husband says to her. She ignores him. She wants to get rid of her husband soon. She thinks at this time that her husband may leave her alone by completing his work quickly.    

Sexologists say that this kind of woman does not help her husband during sexual intercourse but as sexual activities advance and her husband starts to tease her as she starts to take interest in sexual intercourse. After taking interest in sexual activities, a woman holds her husband with her breast and presses him. A sound of sibilance starts to come out from her throat. A woman takes excessive pleasure of sexual intercourse when she forwards towards orgasm. At this time, the excitement of a woman’s body becomes high and she becomes lifeless like a statue after orgasm. At this time, there is a sign of satisfaction and pleasure of her face.  Sexologists think that a woman gets excitement and enjoyment at the time of intercourse and this is the time when a woman attracts towards her husband and loves her husband very much. There is no sign of movement in the body of a woman before sexual intercourse or after getting orgasm. A woman takes the breath of relief and thinks that God has saved her today.

A man gets no sexual pleasure by making sexual intercourse with such kind of a woman. Sometimes, it happens that a person does not want to make sexual relationship with such a woman. A husband becomes unhappy with his wife and it can be called the foundation of disputes between the two. Often, such kind of husband and wife remain unhappy and their life becomes unhappy instead of happy married life.

Sexual intercourse is a process in which both body and mind get energy. It gives a kind of pleasure that makes husband and wife energetic as well as vigorous. There is no importance of sexual relations in a couple’s life if both husband and wife do not get pleasure and enjoyment during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, it has been observed in such kinds of couples that a husband has to make illegal sexual relation with another woman. This can be the cause of divorce too.

Number of such kinds of women has been increasing day by day. Men also have been suffering from sexual disease along with women.

Many wives become excessive excited during sexual intercourse but many women are passive at this moment of joy. This kind of attitude is troublesome of their husband because they do not like this kind of behavior. Husbands of such kind of passive women consult to doctor about the stimulating medicines for their wives. They want to know why their wives have no sex urge and what the reason of it is.  

Generally, if there is a problem either in man or in woman, both get affected with the problem because both man and woman have equal importance in sexual intercourse. There is common proverb that it takes two to make quarrel because clapping needs two hands. Therefore, it is clear with the example mentioned above that importance of both is very essential for happy married life. If it is so, both get great sexual pleasure.

If any between the two is unsatisfied with sexual relations, it will be unjustified to blame to each other. We are discussing here about the lack of sexual urge in women. Generally, sometimes a husband is responsible to some extant for this problem viz lack of sexual urge. If there is lack of sexual urge in wife, husband should talk her about it without hesitation and he should ask her what the cause of this lack is or she fears by making sexual relation. He should inquire with her wife what the problem is. He should assure her wife that he can solve the problem and he should appeal her to tell the cause behind the lack of sexual urge. If a husband does so, he will be aware about the cause. Thus, this kind of problem can be treated properly.  

Normally, it has been observed that a woman does not become passive all of sudden. There can be several reasons behind this problem and thus a woman loses her sexual urge gradually. When a woman does not show activeness during sexual intercourse, it is called the lack of sexual urge in woman.

Some causes behind this problem:-

1. When a girl touches the boundary of adolescence, she has been taught that sexual relationship is a sin, an evil. Talking about sex is not proper for a girl. The girl thinks that she will feel ashamed if someone hears her talking about sex. Such kinds of thoughts are filled in the mind of girls in their childhood by their relatives. This kind of opinion starts to develop in their mind. Such kinds of girls feel hesitation while making sexual relationship after marriage.

2. A girl feels very ashamed too much when her husband starts to teasing her at wedding night. There are no apparent causes of this kind of opinion because society is changing rapidly today. There are several families where children are taught that sex is wrong deed and they should not talk about it at all.

3. When newly married woman is on bed with her husband at first night, she puzzles about the time that is about to come soon. In spite of her refusal when her husband tries to make sexual relation with her, she thinks that she is going to do an offense. She considers that doing so is wrong and it should not be done at all. She becomes terrified when she thinks so. The warmth of the body that is necessary for sexual urge begins to reduce and her body becomes like a statue without appropriate cause. Instead of it, she surrenders her body to her husband but she gives no assistance to her husband during sexual intercourse. Such woman gets neither sexual pleasure nor excitement. Thus, a man becomes aware that there is no sexual urge in his wife. At this time, if this problem is treated by the husband properly, the wife gets rid of this problem. Otherwise, it becomes worse.

4. Sometimes, a girl loves a boy since childhood. If she does not get married with that boy, she becomes mentally upset. It can be one reason of this problem too. The cause of this problem is clear here fully. A girl loves a boy deeply and makes several promises with him. She dreams to live and die in all seven lives with her lover in future. She becomes very sad and unhappy if she is not got married with the boy to whom she loves too much. She takes no interest in sexual intercourse after marriage with another boy and feels no sexual urge. At this time, although she surrenders her body to her husband but she keeps on thinking about her lover.

5. Some people think that often a girl forgets her ex-boyfriend and all mental problems disappear after marriage but it is true only in a few cases. Sometimes, it has been observed that the girl becomes more disturbed after marriage. Some girls commit suicide in these kinds of situations or they elope with their boyfriends. Many women never accept her husbands mentally. Some women love their lover so much that they think sexual relations with her husband at first night as rape. They oppose her husband during sexual intercourse. Some women pass their married life forcibly but they never get sexual urge.

6. When a woman becomes aware after marriage that her husband is novice and he knows nothing about sex, this thing puzzles a lot to her. When she wants to make sexual relation but her husband does not make sexual relation properly, she does not get orgasm and remains unsatisfied sexually. When this problem does not end after persuading the husband, she begins to passive towards sex and consequently loses sexual urge. Sometimes, there is a disturbance in a couple’s life because of this problem. Sometimes, this kind of problem results in divorce or both husband and wife start to live separately. It also has been observed that many women do not have courage to talk about sex. In this stage, her husband also fails to satisfy her wife sexually without knowing the mind of woman.  Thus, a woman loses interest in sex and sexual urge of her reduces.

7. A woman becomes very sad when she knows about the impotency of her husband. In the search of sexual pleasure, such woman seeks another man for sexual intercourse stealthily. If she is not able to get another man for sex, she begins to hate her husband and a dispute originates between the two. A kind of disgust arises in her mind towards sex. Thus, she becomes the victim of this problem and finally she loses sex urge completely.

8. There are several women, who do not want to be pregnant and this is the reason that they fear by making sexual relation. It results the loss of sexual urge. Such women fear from conception because they think that conceiving spoils the beauty of face and body. They think that the attractiveness and charm of their body will disappear as well as their breasts will be flabby after conceiving. This is the reason that they fear by making sexual relations with their husbands too. Thus, they become the victim of this problem named lack of sexual urge in women. This opinion is completely wrong because they can sustain the charm and attraction of their face and body after sexual intercourse by taking nutritive meals and exercise.   

9. If a woman is sad because her husband and other family member hassle her, she may by the victim of this problem in these conditions. Sometime, it has been observed that a man marries unwillingly and because of compulsion of family member. In these conditions, either he does not make sexual relation with her wife or he does not accept her by the heart. He has hate in his heart while making sexual relation consequently his wife also starts to hate him. Thus, sexual urge begins to decrease gradually.

10. Sometime, the ceremony of marriage is completed by the family members in hurry without knowing the truth about bride or bridegroom. If family members of bridegroom are greedy, they start to trouble to the bride by demanding dowry. Sometimes, a bride becomes very sad by hearing the bitter words spoken by the members of father-in-law’s house. In this condition, her husband favors his family members and he bothers her too. In these typical conditions, either the bride is murdered or she commits suicide herself. 

11. Generally, it has been observed that a bride accommodates to the situations and bears all the troubles done by family members of her husband. She sinks into the sea of sadness. Thus, her sexual life is affected very much because of these conditions. It is a universal truth that all the things give pleasure when a person is happy and enthusiastic.  When a bride faces all these kinds of troubles by the husband and his family members, she becomes unhappy and sad.

12. Sometimes, it has been observed that husband of a woman is drunkard and he is not able to give his wife sexual pleasure. That is why a woman becomes the victim of this disease. There are many persons, who are addicted of different kind of intoxications lose their sexual power. Such persons cannot give his wife sexual pleasure. Several persons are addicted of tobacco, alcohol, intoxicating drug, Indian hemp and heroin. Bad smell comes out from their mouths because of which their wives feel a lot of trouble when they make sexual relation. When a person does not give these bad habits, woman becomes passive towards sexual relations. Thus, sexual urge of a woman reduces gradually.   

13. When a woman becomes passive towards sex, sexual urge of her reduces. As days pass after marriage, responsibilities of both husband and wife increases and they get no time to make sexual relations. Both husband and wife already have sexual pleasure. In this condition, often a man becomes passive towards sex and he pays no attention on physical cleanliness. He does not make beard shaved. Such man asks his wife to make sexual relation, as he desires for sex. He pays no attention towards place, bed, conditions and any third person and involves in sexual intercourse. The result of it is that the woman starts to dislike towards sex.  Thus, a woman loses her sexual urge.   

14. Sometimes, such kinds of conditions is produced that a person makes anal intercourse or oral intercourse in place of normal sexual intercourse. Many women dislike this kind of intercourse. Consequently, they lose their sexual urge. A woman hates her husband very much when he makes anal and oral intercourse against her will. Besides it, her sexual urge starts to decrease gradually and she becomes the victim of this disease.  

15. Sometimes, an atmosphere that is religious and superstitious may be the cause of this problem. All the family members are responsible of this problem of a woman because she lives in a religious atmosphere. She keeps fast once or twice a week and remains far from sexual intercourse. If her husband wants to make sexual intercourse with her during this period, she refuses to do so. Sexual intercourse is not allowed at any rate on the day of fast.  She considers sex as a sin and starts to dislike it. Thus, her sexual urge reduces gradually. If an accident takes place, she considers it the result of sexual intercourse. She becomes passive towards sex totally. This is the reason that her sexual urge decreases and she becomes the victim of this problem viz lack of sexual urge in women.

16. There is no sexual urge in many women and such women do not posses zeal and enthusiasm. They think that sexual relationship is an only medium to beget children. Such women consider sexual relation is not good after generating offspring. They are unaware about the orgasm that is obtained through sexual intercourse. This is the reason that they show no movement during sexual intercourse. A woman starts to hate to her husband when he makes sexual relation with her. Sexual urge disappears fully from her body.    

17. Although, many women have no sexual urge but they are the slave of her husband. This is the reason that they make sexual relation with her husband without sexual urge. A woman of this kind does not oppose her husband at all. A husband does whatever he wants with her wife during sexual intercourse. That is why sexual urge of woman disappears completely.

18. Several women have no sex knowledge and they have many misconceptions in their mind relating to sex. Sometimes, they think that too much sexual intercourse brings weakness in their husband. That is why they refuse to make sexual intercourse with her husband. Rage is produced in the mind of this kind of a woman when she does not make sexual relation with her husband for many days. Consequently, sexual urge reduces in her. She shows no movement during sexual intercourse and becomes a statue on the bed.

19. Numerous women lose their sexual urge because of the burden of domestic works and affection. A woman of this kind becomes tired mentally because of household works and when her husband makes sexual relation with her; she does not take part in this relation actively. If this sequence continues for a long time, zeal and keenness for sexual intercourse vanishes at all. Thus, a woman of this kind loses her sexual urge fully.  

20. If a woman becomes the victim of rape in her childhood, she fears to make sexual relation with any man. A fear and terror of sexual intercourse sits in the mind of a girl who is the victim of rape. A girl of this kind thinks sexual intercourse with a man is rape. When her husband makes sexual intercourse with her after marriage, she remembers to the incident. A kind of trembling starts in her body and she becomes quite cold because of fear as well as she loses sexual urge fully. The reason of this problem is that her body was not developed when the incident of rape took place. To sum up, it can be said that this kind of woman loses sexual urge because of fear.

21. Sometimes, it is observed that some innocent girls make sexual intercourse with boys because of excessive sexual lust. They do so because their partners rely to marry and to live with them until death. They say that no one can separate them. Boys make sexual relation with girl on the bases of these instigations. Sometimes, a girl becomes pregnant but her boyfriend refuses to marry her. When family member of the girl become aware of this fact, they beat the girl and condemn her. Family members accuse her that she has committed a blunder and destroy the respect of the family in the whole society. This condition is very unpleasant and troublesome for a girl and she starts to hate all the boys. Not only so, members of her family marry her with another person. When her husband makes sexual relation with her after marriage, she becomes a lifeless thing lying on the bed like a statue because her sexual urge have already died completely.     

22. It has also been seen that several women have passing their married life happily but their husbands go far away for some time. If during this period a woman becomes the victim of rape, it proves very tragic for her as well as her sexual life. She drowns into the sea of gloomy. Thus, her sexual urge starts to decrease gradually and she loses her sexual urge fully.

23. If husband and wife have been passing their married life happily but an accident takes place with husband suddenly and husband’s sexual power decreases in it, he becomes unable to make sexual relation with her wife properly. The wife advices her husband for treatment but he husband does not want to cure this disease although. The husband becomes cool soon while making sexual relation with his wife.

24. The wife wants sexual intercourse but her husband is not able in making sexual relation. She keeps on tossing on the bed as fish tosses without water. When this sequence keeps on going for a long time, the wife becomes passive towards sexual relation. If she persists to her husband for treatment, her husband gets angry and cries on her. Sometimes, a husband says her wife that there are many faults in her not in him. Thus, the wife becomes disturbed physically and mentally.

25. She thinks that her husband is not worried towards her and considers her as a thing only for use. She considers that her husband does not love her. Such kinds of situations make her passive towards sexual intercourse. Thus, her desires for sex and sexual urge disappear.

26. If a woman has become the victim of any mental disease due the lack of sexual urge, the husband of this woman is also responsible to some extant for her mental disease. Sometimes, it happens that he accuses on her wife for many mistakes. He does not accept his mistakes at all. Several persons think that a woman has no relation with sex it is only for man. This is the reason that they pay no attention towards their wives. Thus, women lose their sexual urge.  

27. Numerous women do not talk about their views towards sex because of family and social restrictions. When a woman does not get satisfied with sexual relations, she becomes passive towards sex. Thus, a woman loses her sexual urge because of all these reasons.  

Some techniques for the treatment of this problem named lack of sexual urge in a woman:

1. For the treatment of this problem of a woman, the husband should come forward because he is the only person who can understand her fully. He should talk to her openly on this topic. He should ask her why she fears with sexual intercourse and what the problem is. After knowing all the causes, the husband should consider about the treatment. Treatment should be started after consulting to a well-qualified doctor. The husband should try to cure this problem. In this condition, a wife should love her husband very much. If it is done, a woman gets rid of this disease surely. 

2. If husband becomes aware that the causes of this problem are his mistakes, he should apologize with her wife. Besides it, he should make a promise that it will never happen in future.

3. In some circumstances, the wife is wrongdoer. In this case, she should herself try to end her fault. The disease will disappear soon by itself.  

4. We should be aware about it that there is an eternal relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, all the types of troubles and difficulties should be solved by the husband. It is the duty of husband. If a husband becomes aware that his wife has been suffering from this problem because of his mistakes, he should try to remove all the troubles of his wife. He should pay attention on her wife lovingly. Sometimes, it is also seen that a husband wants to get rid of her wife by puzzling with difficulties. It is not good because there is an eternal relationship between husband and wife.

5. A husband should not forget his responsibilities towards his wife when she has been suffering from this disease because lack of sexual urge is not a curable disease. This disease can be cured by modern massage therapy, homeopathy, ayurveda, and massage therapy and acupressure treatment.   

6. For the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to know that a hormone named testosterone works effectively for the arousal of sexual urge in both man and woman. This hormone is excreted from the adrenal glands. A woman becomes the victim of this disease if there is a lack of this hormone in the body. In this condition, treatment by a well-qualified doctor becomes very necessary. The husband should also take care of her wife properly. Causes of this disease should be ended too.

7. Today, a successful and effective treatment has been found for the treatment of this disease of woman. The only need is that a husband should take care of her wife properly during treatment. A well-qualified doctor can removes all physical and mental disturbances by using good and effective medicines. The husband must tell all the symptoms of her wife without hesitation before the doctor. Here it is clear that the cause of this disease is psychological. A doctor will not provide good treatment until he knows the real cause of this problem.