Lack of sexual power in man



Harmonious sexual relation between husband and wife is necessary to run married life smoothly and properly. Both husband and wife affect equally if there is any disturbance in their sexual life. Generally, both husband and wife are equally responsible for any kind of disturbance in married life but mostly men are considered the wrong doers. The reason behind this is that man has the right to begin sexual intercourse. Here it means to say that man is the beginner, performer and one who gives an end to the sexual intercourse.   

Woman is the partner of man during sexual intercourse but a few women support of their husbands while men make sexual relation. The reason behind this is that women even claim to be equal as man but mostly, they are always narrow-minded in the reference of sexual relations. This is the reason that a woman never demands for sexual intercourse to her husband. Now, it is clear that a man should make sexual relations successfully. He should satisfy his wife along with his own orgasm because it is the duty of a man. A man can do everything mentioned above if he has enough sexual power.

A boy enters into puberty between the age group of 13 to 18 years. A man in India develops sexual organs properly. Here it means to say that production of semen starts  to produce in a boy’s testicles if he is 16 years old. He feels attraction towards opposite sex. He feels sexual urge in his sexual organs if he touches a woman or thinks about her. It has been accepted that maximum sexual age of a man is about 50 years old. On the contrary, it can be seen easily that several 70-75 years old men make sexual relation successfully. The age of a man from 16 to 50 years has been divided into three divisions for the convenience of sexual power and sexual relations. 

  • First division- from 16 to 25 years old
  • Second division- from 26 to 40 years old
  • Third division- from 41 to 60 years old

A man feel excessive sexual urge in him when he is between the age group of 16 to 25 years old. A man can make sexual relation many times in night but in spite of it he does not feel any kind of weakness, he feels a stoppage in his sexual power in the age group of 26-40 years. He does not feel to make sexual intercourse repeatedly in this age group. He wants a gap of a few days for making sexual relations. The reason behind this is that he has several kinds of responsibilities during this period and it becomes necessary for him to complete such responsibilities. A man goes towards old age from the puberty in the age group of 41 -60 gradually. He not only goes towards old age physically but also mentally. This is the reason that he does not desire for sexual relations. If he makes sexual relation in this group of age, he completes only a formality.    

By seeing this division of age group, we can say that sexual urge of a man starts to reduce according to sex and he feels dislike towards sexual relation gradually. This lack of sexual power is naturally and a man never worries about it. A healthy man keeps on taking great sexual pleasure naturally. Sometimes, if there is a lack of sexual power because of any disease, a man starts to feel problem in married life.

Consequences of the lack of sexual power in a man:-

A person becomes the victim of several mental disturbances as he feels a lack of sexual power in him. He feels that everything is vain for him. As a man ejaculates during sexual intercourse as he feels that he has gained orgasm. Of course, it is wrong. In this situation, he feels inferiority in him. Sexual relations, which were the means of great sexual pleasure, become a burden for him now.  

In this way, a man feels ashamed before his wife when he makes sexual relation with his wife. After sometimes, he does not try to make sexual relation with his wife due to the lack of sexual power. Sometimes, such kinds of men spend their money, time and health by going hakims for getting treatment of their problem. They get nothing there by spending everything.

Causes of the lack of sexual power:-

Sexual relations in the age group of 50 are equally important as they are in the age group of 20 years. Reason behind this is that sexual intercourse is not only the meeting of two bodies but also a meeting of nature with man. Two bodies run towards great sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. Every kind of pleasure is vain before the sexual pleasure he gets through successful sexual relations. On the one hand, both husband and wife get rid of several mental disturbances through successful sexual relations. They get capacity to fight against disturbances in their life on the other hand. Their vital power also advances if there is harmony in the sexual life of a married couple.

Therefore, no special group of age should be considered the best for sexual intercourse. Mostly, mental patients have become the victim of mental problems due to the frustration originated because of unsuccessful sexual relations between husband and wife. Sometimes, sexual relations do not get success because of family tension. Some important causes of the lack of masculinity in men have been given below.

Causes of physical weakness:-

Attraction towards opposite sex by a man is natural in the age of puberty. It is other thing how a man advances towards this attraction and how he deepens into this attraction. Sometimes, a man becomes the victim of several bad habits as masturbation and anal intercourse. Masturbation twice or thrice a month is not a bad thing but regular masturbation can be the cause of several mental and physical diseases. This thing affects a man’s future sexual life. He may be the victim of nightfall and early ejaculation due to masturbation.    

Sometimes, nervous system of a man becomes disturbed because of any accident. Sexual power of a man reduces because of this reason. Sometimes, a man loses sexual power in the lack of good and nutritive meal. Disturbance in one’s surrounding is also a cause of the lack of sexual power. Sexual power of man reduces because of the obesity. Such kinds of diseases can be treated through medicines if a person is not the victim of stable impotency.     

Causes of disease:-

Sometimes, a man feels the lack of masculinity if he is the victim of such diseases as diabetes, chronic fever, obesity, typhoid, spermatorrhoea, asthma, arthritis, heart problems, gonorrhea, syphilis, infection of genitals and aids. In addition to, he feels weakness in the body and lack of hunger. Prophylactic power of a man also reduces. If such diseases are not treated on proper time, a man may become the victim of excessive fatal consequences.    

Sexual power of a man starts to return gradually if the disease is treated properly or the victim follows the rule of celibacy. After sometime, the victim becomes able to establish sexual relation. In the cause of aids, this thing is not true because the treatment of this disease is not possible even today. The disease aids is considered the fatal disease. Several men do not feel enough strength in their bodies to make sexual relations after getting well. 

Mental depression:-

Today, a man has entered into the modern era completely. This is the reason that he has been working like a machine. For getting all the facilities, he has been spending more money than his income. He purchases several homely things on the installments. Sometimes, he borrows money to buy things. Thereafter, he worries to pay the indebtedness. He needs lots of money to pay indebt and this thing creates the condition of mental depression. He has to do excessive work for long time to pay the indebtedness. Physical exhaustion and depression end the zest and zeal of a man, which is necessary for a man’s sexual life.     

A man cannot make sexual relation properly if there is gloominess in the mind. If he makes sexual relation, he completes only physical formality. Anger and irritation take birth in a man in this situation. He never satisfies his wife during sexual intercourse. If this situation stays for long time, a man feels lack of sexual power. This is a natural process and no one knows about it because this situation develops gradually. In this situation, if a man makes sexual relation with his wife, neither he nor his wife gets sexual satisfaction through sexual intercourse. This stage creates mental impotence in a man gradually.    

After knowing all the causes, we become aware with this fact that a man should not have anxiety in the mind during sexual intercourse.  A body without health and happy mind cannot make sexual relation with a man. Activities of mind excites to the body for sexual intercourse. Therefore, happy mind is necessary for happy married life and a surrounding with tension and depression is necessary for happy mind. Happy mind not only enhances sexual power of a man but also reduces the doubt of masculinity in a man.   

One man should identify ones physical strength to sustain sexual power. He should find a way to avoid the lack of sexual power. If a man wastes his excessive power, the body of the man will not able to regain the strength which has been wasted. In this situation, a weakness will take birth in the body.

It can be said that we regain the energy that is used in daily routine deeds by taking good and nutritive food. Body of man remains healthy if there is balance between wasted energy and regained energy. A man becomes the victim of several diseases, if there is a disturbance in this process. Body of man becomes hollow from inside. To avoid this situation, a man should make sexual relation according to the need of body. Too much sexual intercourse spends excessive semen and we know that semen is the vitality of all.  

Here one thing is considerable why a man is careless towards the body. If any homely thing as television, freeze and computer are out of order, we try to repair to the machine as soon as possible. It appears at that time that this thing is very necessary for life. However, a man does not do the same with his body. If we have been suffering from any diseases as pain in any body organ, we think that there is no need to be worried in this case. Medicine will be taken after some time. This is our thinking at this time. We have to take medicine if the disease becomes serious. Each disease of the body affect a man’s sexual life too because a deed will be completed by us only when we are fully healthy.  

A thing should never be forgotten by us that successfulness or failure of sexual life is related to a man’s life deeply. Successful sexual relations bring pleasure in our life. We should avoid frustration and inferiority in the reference of sexual relations. We should be careful if we feel lack in our masculinity. Ignoring sexual weakness may be very dangerous for us.     



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