If a person has suffered from any disease due to lying down or crooked neck due to any reason, Lachnanthes is used to cure his disease by that crop of patient gets relief.

Lachnanthes should also be used to cure the patient when he is feeling as if his neck bone or joint is dislocated (uprooted), the neck has fallen tough, pain is aggravating by moving it ,etc.

Lachnanthes is very useful to cure the patient suffering from following symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms:-

If a person feels pain in the right side of his head that is moved to the jaw, he feels as if his head has grown bigger, troubles are aggravated by even little noise, sharp pain in the skull, he is not able to sleep, sometimes he feels pain in the head too as if hairs will stand up, burning sensation in the palms and soles, feels on the upper part of the nose as if someone pinch on it, etc., Lachnanthes should be used to cure his disease.

Symptoms related to the chest:

If the patient feels hotness around his heart and feels as if bubbles are splitting and water is boiling on the chest, etc., using Lachnanthes is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Back related symptoms:

Using lachnanthes is also beneficial to cure the patient when he feels pain and stiffness in the back and cold feeling in the portion between shoulders.

Neck-related symptoms:

In this case, patient feels burning sensation in the throat and strain on one side of the neck, pain in the neck joints and the same time he feels as if the neck is removed from its place. Thus, if a person has any symptoms of this type, Lachnanthes should be used to cure his symptoms.

Symptoms related to skin disease:

Sometime the patient feels as if his body has kept on ice, the face becomes pale, profuse sweating, etc. Thus, Lachnanthes should be used to cure patients suffering from such symptoms.

 If the patient feels pain on the neck joints with strain on that place, drugs like- Dulcamara, Bryonia, Pulsatilla, Fell–Tauri, etc. should be used to cure him, but we can also use Lachnanthes to cure the patients suffering from same symptoms. So some properties of these drugs can be compared with Lachnanthes.

Quantity (dose):

3rd potency of Lacnanthes should be used to cure symptoms of diseases. To cure T.B, we should take single quantity of its mother tincture once or 2 times in a week or 3-3 drops at intervals of 4-4 hours resulting diseases begins to be recovered.