Lac defloratum




Lac Defloratum is more beneficial for those individual who is not able to digest milk and says that he is fallen sick by drinking milk. Like many older patients who can not digest milk, they are very cold natured, they don’t left their cold nature whether he lived in a hot room or wore warm clothes. The patients suffering from this type of symptom do not like cold at all, feel little headache due to cold, but increases by living in other places, many problems of the body start to increase by living in warm weather and it reduces when patient stay stable, he gets some relief from pain  after pressing the affected part. Lac defloratum is more useful for those patients who are not able to digest any form of milk. These patients have also many types of other symptoms. These are as follows - diarrhea, nauseate, vomiting, headaches, belching, indigestion due to drinking milk, urination in additional quantity, etc.

Lac Defloratum is mostly used to cure the diseases of those patients who have the following symptoms- much despair, do not like to alive, and do not fear of death at all and think as if death will be sure now.

It is very useful drug to cure diseases occurring due to lack of nutrition. It is also useful to cure the signs of headache with vomiting as well as urination in large amounts.

Use of Lac defloratum in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

In this case, patient feels much frustration and headache after getting up in the morning, such pain begins from the forehead and moves to the stern of the head, puking, weak eyesight with nauseate, constipation. These types of symptoms aggravate in noisy environment, in the light, while walking and in the periods of menses. Patient gets some relief by pressuring the head and by tying it with a strip. Thus, it is beneficial to use Lac defloratum to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Stools-related symptoms:

If a person feels the problem of constipation with hard (solid), long stools and he has to apply force for excretion, he also feels pain on the anus, etc., to cure such symptoms, we should use Lac defloratum.

Menses-related symptoms:

Use of Lac Defloratum is also advantageous to fix symptoms like- delayed menses and suppression of secretion by putting her hand in the cold water, menses stops immediately till the next menses by drinking a glass of milk, etc.

Swelling-related symptoms:

If the body goes on swelling due to any type of disease related to the heart or liver or due to enteric fever or due to albuminuria, etc., use of Lac defloratum is very beneficial to cure such symptoms.

Vomiting-related symptoms:

If a person vomits undigested food, which is mostly alkali in nature and then vomits bitter water, Lac defloratum should be used to such symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Sometime patient feels as if he has air ball inside his stomach with having difficulty in breathing and hysteria symptoms are also found, etc., Lac defloratum should be used to cure such symptoms of the patients.

Symptoms of pregnancy:

If vomiting is taking place during pregnancy, using Lac defloratum is beneficial for the treatment of her symptom. As a result of it, the symptom of the patient is cured and the sufferer gets relief.

Relations: -

Colostrums and Natr-mur are used to cure symptoms like- infantile diarrhea, sour belches, stomachache, etc. But Lac defloratum can be also used to fix the same symptoms. So we can compare some properties of colostrums and natrum-muriaticum with Lac defloratum.

Quantity (dose): 

6th to 30th and the higher potency of Lac defloratum should be used to cure symptoms of disease.