Color: Shell lac is yellow, red and black.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: Shell lac is a type of gum, which comes out from a type of tree. This tree has excessive milk. It has a red and small insect which makes it. When this insect climbs on any milky tree, get shell lac from that tree. It is considered that the shell lac of pipal tree is the best than other.

Removing side effects: Mastagi is used to remove the all side effects of shell lac.

Comparison: Shell lac can be compared with bamboo manna.

Dosage: It should be used in 6 grams quantity.


Shell lac makes the body pure and clean. It ends swelling and cures other diseases. It makes the liver strong and cures heart disease. It also cures paralysis, cough, asthma and dropsy. Shell lac is useful in kidney weakness and gas troubles. It enhances sperm count and the body strength. It improves face colour and makes cool, powerful and oily for the body. Shell lac is not hot. It eliminates phlegm and bile disorder. It prevents hiccup, cough, fever, boils, internal wound of the chest and leprosy. It alleviates snake poisoning and ends stomach worms.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Cough: Mix powder of shell lac in sugar’s treacle. Taking this mixture cures cough and prevents discharge of blood with phlegm.

2. Chest wound: Taking 1 gram powder of pure shell lac with about 4 to 6 grams honey or 100 to 200 ml milk or 14 milliliters wine twice a day cures the chest wound.

3. Wound: Fry shell lac with ghee and apply it on the wound then tie a bandage or mix it with oil and apply it on the wounds, it cures wound.

4. Metrorrhoea (Blood leucorrhoea):

  • Taking powder of shell lac with cow ghee provides relief.
  • Fry shell lac with ghee or boil it with milk and prepare the powder from it and store. After that, take 3 grams of this powder with milk twice a day, it provides relief.
  • Take 1-2 grams pure shell lac with about 100-250 ml rice washed water twice a day; it cures metorrhagia.

5. Disturbance in blood caused by bile: Make the fine powder by grinding shell lac and long pepper together. Licking this powder with 1 gram honey 2-3 times a day checks haemoptysis caused by disturbance in blood caused by bile.

6. Geuniaworms: Grind shell lac with pure soap and heat it on the fire and after that, apply this preparation on guniaworms, it provides benefit.

7. Forehead membrane swelling: Rubbing oil of shell lac on the body provides relief in this disease.