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Puerperal period is dangerous equality for both mother and her child. It is the time of examination to a doctor because life of both mother and child is in his hands. Slight mistake can become the cause of big trouble. Here patience and skillfulness become necessary to a doctor. If he is unable to face the problem, he should refer the victim into hospital. If it is not possible, he should control the situation carefully. He should not use any medicine and serious act, which are active on the uterus until mouth of the uterus opens. If water and blood has come out after opening the mouth of uterus but child is not separating from the uterus, follow any formula. It is considered that giving birth of a child is the rebirth of a woman because a mother has to face several troubles while delivery. But in present period there are different medicines and methods, which reduce delivery agony.

Meal and abstinence:

The woman should take digestible and nutritive food stuff while delivery because it is digested easily. Woman should walk in fresh air in the morning and keep the brain tension free.

Garam spices, intoxicate things, meat, fish, eggs and sex should be avoided by the patient.

Treatment by Different medicines:

1. Castor: Mix 50 milliliters castor oil with hot milk and give it to the patient to drink, it will provide relief in unbearable pain caused by delivery.

2. Dry ginger: Cook 10 grams powder of dry ginger with 500 ml milk properly thereafter give it to the patient, it brings out embryo within 15 minutes.

2. Banana:

  • Tie root of banana tree on the left thigh of progeny woman (who is about to give birth), it provides relief delivery pain.

  • Spray camphor powder on banana and give it to the patient, it provides relief in delivery pain.

3. Pepper creeper: Granular root of pepper is called pepper creeper. Some pansari is soled pieces of thick branch of pepper creeper. Therefore, it should be taken carefully. Give pepper root, Indian birth root and asafoetida to the patient with betel leaf, it makes delivery early. Syrup of this powder should be given to the woman after delivery.    

4. Lodh: Coat the paste of lodh on the vagina after delivery, it provides relief in pain.

5. Nutmeg: Ground nutmeg should be coated on the affected part because it provides relief in waist pain while delivery.

6. Pepper root: Make a powder by grinding peppers root and cinnamon together. Give 1.20 grams this powder to the progeny woman with some asafetida; it makes delivery normal.  

7. The glory lily: Apply ground root of glory lily on the abdomen, it makes delivery normal.

8. Cotton plant: Give the decoction of cotton plant bark to the woman after delivery; it is useful to end uterus disorders.

9. Sarpat: Burn sarpat and spread its smoke around the progeny woman, it makes clean to the environment around woman.  

10. Kanguni: Mix the powder of kanguni and sugar candy with milk thereafter give it to the patient, it reduces delivery pain. If this medicine is given to the woman before delivery, it reduces pain.  

11. Coffee: Grind toasted seeds of coffee and boil it with water. Give this mixture to the woman; it is useful to increase energy in the body. 

12. Ajajhhare: Its root should be tied on the waist while delivery because it makes delivery normal.

13. Almond: Soak 2 almonds and 10-15 dry grapes in water thereafter give it to the patient at last month of delivery. Use this process; it makes delivery normal.

14. Basil: Give 2 spoons basil juice to the woman while delivery, it reduces delivery pain.

15. Lambs quarters: Boil 20 grams seeds of lambs quarters with water and filter it. Give this medicine to the pregnant woman after filter; it is useful to reduce pain.

16. Turmeric: One spoon of ground turmeric should be taken with hot milk twice a day in last month of delivery.

17. Lemon: Give lemon juice to the pregnant woman with water in last month of pregnancy regularly, it provides relief in pain.

18. Luffa (louki): Boil luffa without water and separate 30 ml juice from it. Give this juice to the progeny woman, it provides relief in pain. 

19. Asafoetida: Mix one pinch asafoetida with 10 grams jiggery and take it with half cup water cow milk, it provides relief in pain.

20. Fig: Give 2 figs regularly to the woman with milk for 15-20 days regularly in last month of delivery, it makes delivery normal.

21. Red ghunghchi: Grind the fine pieces of red ghughnchi and take it with old jiggery, it provides relief in pain while delivery.

22. Wild mint: Make a decoction by boiling some wild mint and some maiden hair with water and thereafter mix some sugar candy in it. Give this decoction to the pregnant woman, it provides relief in pain.

23. The glory lily: Tie some root of glory lily on the hand and feet, it gives birth after sometimes and makes delivery easy.

24. Poee: Mix 2 spoons sesame oil with 4-5 spoons decoction of poe and coat it on the abdomen of pregnant woman slowly. Use this process reduces pain and makes delivery normal.

25. Citron: Grind 10 grams citron root and 10 grams bassia latifolia with ghee. Take 2 spoons this mixture after every one hour, it reduces pain of delivery.

26. Prickly chalf flower: Put root of prickly chalf flower and glory lily in cloth thereafter tie it on the waist of pregnant woman. Use this process; it makes delivery easy.

27. Asafoetida: Put asafoetida and millet in jiggery thereafter swallow it. Water should be drunk in 2 droughts quantity. Use this process, it provides relief in delivery pain.

28. Camphor: Mix about ¼ gram camphor with ripe banana and give it to the woman to eat, it makes delivery easy.

29. Betel leaf: By keeping betel leaf in the vagina and fomenting affected part with it ends vagina swelling.

30. Negro coffee plant: The pregnant woman should take juice of leaves of negro coffee plant because it makes delivery normal.

31. Poison nut: Grind pulp of poison nut with water thereafter coat it on the navel, it makes delivery normal.

32. Indian cinnamon: By giving smoke of leaves of Indian cinnamon, delivery makes normal.