Kumaon Oak



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Colour: The fruit of kumaon oak is white and yellow.

Taste: The fruit of kumaon oak is sweet and bitter.

Structure: Kumaon oak is fruit of a tree. Gallnut appears on this tree on first year which changes into kumaon oak on the second year.

Nature:  It is cool.

Precaution: Over quantity of kumaon oak causes gas troubles.

Removing side-effects: Jiggery (gur) retains its properties and removes its side-effects.

Comparison: Kumaon oak can be compared with Gul pomegranate (gul annar).

Dosage: It should be taken in 6 grams’ quantity.


Kumaon oak creates constipation and checks loose motions. It prevents bleeding from any organs of the body especially from the mouth. Kumaon oak heals up intestines’ wounds and reduces the pain of wound. It cures insanity and retching. Its use enhances sexual vigor and makes powerful and strong to the body.