Introduction: -

Kreosotum proves as very useful drug in the symptoms of body burning, bleeding from the small wounds of the skin, chronic diseases associated with neural, diseases that generate cancer, hemorrhage, diseases that occurs after menses, diseases during dentition, etc.  

Use of Kreosotum in various symptoms-

Symptoms related to the Head: -

Kreosotum is very beneficial drug in the symptoms of slight headache, headache of women during menses excretion, pain in the rear portion of head, etc.

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

Kreosotum should be used for curing symptoms as- screaming due to an emotional song, fast heartbeat, forgetfulness, misbehavior, insist for everything, stubborn for taking everything to a child, but throws that thing after taking, etc.  

Ears-related symptoms: -

Using Kreosotum is reliable in symptoms as- eruption of pimples around the ear, presence of pimples inside the ear, hearing deficiency, tinnitus aureum (strange buzzing in the ear), etc.  

Symptoms related to the eyes: -

If the patient has symptoms of red eyelids with inflammation, dripping of salty tears from the eyes, etc., Kreosotum is a beneficial drug in such symptoms.

Face-related symptoms: -

Kreosotum is an excellent remedy in the symptoms of screamed or withered face, misshape of the face, hot face and red cheeks.  

Symptoms related to the Mouth: -

Kreosotum is very useful drug in the cases of bleeding from the lips, child sleeplessness due to intense pain during dentition, spoiled taste, appearance of black tinge on the teeth and gums bleeding

Nasal Symptoms: -

If the patient suffers from fetid nasal secretion, chronic catarrh of an old, sharp rawness in the nose, lupus, etc., the use of Kreosotum is very useful in such symptoms.  

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

In retching, much vomiting after taking meal, feeling of excessive coldness inside the stomach, stomachache while feeling of relief by eating something, bitter taste of the water, etc., Kreosotum is an excellent drug in such cases.

Throat-related Symptoms: -

If the patient suffers from throat irritation, feeling of chocked throat, odour like pus from the throat, etc., Kreosotum should be used in such symptoms.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Kreosotum is very beneficial drug in flatulence, bleeding with burning sensation from piles, loose-motions, darkness in stools, fetid blood, infantile diarrhoea while dentition, skin dryness and feeling of fatigue in the body.

Symptoms associated with gynaeco (Female): -

Kreosotum is very beneficial drug for curing symptoms as- itching inside the vagina, inflammation in the vaginal region, rapid itching near the vagina and thigh, hearing deficiency in girls during menstrual excretion, feeling of itching in the internal and external parts of the body, bleeding after coition, early menstruations that persists for a long day, excessive salivation and vomiting while pregnancy, retention of menstrual flow, intense pain during menses, smelly discharge after delivery, etc.     

Symptoms related to Urine: -

If the patient suffers from smelly urination, rapid vaginal itching while urination, urination after lying, feeling of urinating during sleep at night, feeling for urination just after going to bed, urgent urination, etc., use of Kreosotum proves very beneficial in such symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with Respiration: -

When the patient suffers from violent cough with vomiting in the evening, chest pain, pain in the voice tube with broken voice, cough after symptoms of influenza, cough of an old in the winter season, secretion of excessive mucus after the cough, feeling of rawness, burning and pain in the chest, feeling of tightness inside the sternum, etc., regular use of Kreosotum drug is very effective to cure such symptoms.   

Back-related Symptoms: -

In the symptoms of back-stain with pain that is moved in the genitals below the thigh and excessive debility in the body, Kreosotum should be used.

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

Kreosotum is a beneficial drug in the rapid  and buttock and piercing pain in the buttock joints.

Symptoms associated with skin: -

If the patient suffers from symptoms as- rapid itching on the body in the evening, feeling of burning in the soles, bleeding continuously from small wounds on the skin and eczema on the rear coat of fingers, etc., Kreosotum should be used in such symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with Sleep: -

When the patient feels too anxiety and has symptoms- changing sides whole night, feeling of paralysis on the body parts in the morning and strange dreams at night, etc., Kreosotum is beneficial in such cases.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

Nux, Carbo, Arse, Phospho, Sulph.  

Aggravation: -

Symptoms are aggravated in open air, by exposure to cold, taking rest, lying down and after menses. 

Amelioration: -

Comparison: -

Kreosotum can be compared with Phuligo Lignai, Carbolic acid and Iodum, Lachesis medicines.

Dose: -

3rd to 30th potency of Kreosotum is very beneficial to cure diseases.

Notes: -

200th potency of Kreosotum is used to cure such patient who is affected by diseases sooner.