Colour: Its flowers are white and blue in color.

Taste: It is bitter and spicy in taste.

Structure: Koyal has two kinds, which is mostly grown in the gardens and its leaves are small like rose leaves.

Nature: It is cool in nature.

Precautions: Using excessive quantity of it may be harmful for the cool natured persons.


White Koyal: It makes the brain sharp and increases eyesight. It normalizes vatta, pitta and kapha. It helps to end headache, inflammation, leprosy, bile disorders, ulcer, pimples and wounds. It is also used to alleviate poison of snake or scorpion.

Blue Koyal: It is used to make normal tridosa (vatta, pitta and kapha). It is useful for the treatment of fever, inflammation, illusion, bloody diarrhoea, insanity, cough, asthma, leprosy and tuberculosis. It also brings out phlegm.

Useful in different diseases:

1.Constipation: Grind 4 to 6 grams seeds of koyal, salt and dry ginger together thereafter give it to the patient because it eliminates constipation and clears the stomach.


  • Mix root of koyal tree with another purgative medicine and give to the patient because it provides relief in dropsy and reduces the enlargement of the spleen too.
  • Boil root of koyal tree and root of cissampelos pareira plant (Patha) with water and take, it brings out blocked water from the stomach by urination.

3.Stomachache: Make the fine powder by grinding root of koyal tree and mix ghee and sugar in it. Stomachache ends by licking this mixture.

4.Scrofula: This disease is cured by taking ground root of white koyal tree with ghee.