ColourKochila is brown, yellow and light black in color.

Taste: It is bitter in taste.

Structure: Kochila trees are medium in size, leaves are like betel leaves and fruits are like orange (Narangi). Its fruit has seeds, which are called “Kochila”.

Nature: It is hot in nature and intoxicant.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of kochila may be the cause of brain problems and insanity fits. It is a type of poison.

Removing side effects: Ghee and sugar remove all the side effects of kochila.

Comparison: It can be compared with marking nut.

Dosage: It is used in 24 milligrams quantity.


        Kochila is dry, digestible and light. It cures half body paralysis, arthritis, paralysis, waist pain and body pain. It helps in urination clearly and makes menstrual excretion normal. It is also useful to break stones. Applying its paste on the face is useful to check pimples and flecks. It is also beneficial in the case itching and ringworms. It causes intoxicant and constipation. It purifies the blood and cures leprosy. It is also useful to cure wounds, jaundice, piles and fever