Knowledge relating to sex


Sex organs and knowledge about them :

Techniques for making sexual relation:-

Knowledge about the techniques of sexual relation is very essential because regular ordinary sex without sex knowledge makes the life of both male and female tedious. New techniques bring newness in a couple’s sexual life and both have interest in sex. If woman is top during sexual intercourse, the man takes a long time to ejaculate. Similarly, if man is exhausted, man and woman should make sexual relation by lying side by side. It is a good technique in this situation. If you want to insert the penis into the deepness of the vagina, allow politely to the woman to lie on the back and stretch her both thighs properly then put a pillow below her hips. Your penis will reach into the depth of the vagina by making sexual relation in this condition.

If a woman constricts her vagina after inserting the penis, the genitals of both male and female get more excited. A large number of women get great sexual pleasure by making sexual intercourse in a condition in which woman is on top because in this technique vagina attaches to the penis directly. The woman gets full liberty for movement in this technique. If you want to make your wife pregnant, put a pillow below the hips of your wife and attach her legs to the breast so that lots of semen may enter into the vagina. If woman is pregnant, make sexual relation by lying side by side or in a doggy style. The technique in which woman is on top is also a good technique to make sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Nervousness in first intimacy:-

Many persons remain worried how they will make sexual relation after marriage due to the lack of sexual knowledge. A fear of unsuccessfulness in sexual relation before wife makes them more worried. Knowledge relating to woman’s body is very essential for such kinds of persons. According to woman’s body, there are three openings in her genital platform-vagina, anus and urinary opening. Urinary opening is too narrow to enter a finger. Anus of the woman is in back and below side. Only one portion remains between these both openings and that is vagina. Such persons, who become nervous by the name of sexual intercourse, should not waste their time in the search of vagina but they should involve in foreplay that are done before sexual intercourse. When your penis is fully excited, all the jobs should turn over your wife because she knows where the penis will enter.

Curviness of the penis because of masturbation:-

 Many persons think that their penis is curved due to masturbation and this is the reason that they shudder by the name of marriage. They feel whether they will satisfy their wives or not. The penis is not fully straight in the stage of excitement. Curviness towards right or left side is common symptom. A person faces no difficulty while inserting the penis into the vagina during sexual intercourse because of this curviness.    

Sex urge in eunuchs:-

Often, one question arises in the mind when we see to eunuchs that they have sex urge for sexual intercourse or not. Here answer of this question becomes necessary. Their life is similar to other ordinary man or woman. Their sexual activities are similar to the activities of other persons but they want to be women. It is so because they like to get an identification of women generally. Mostly, genitals of eunuchs are castrated and they are homosexual. Eunuchs who are not castrated are monoecious.

What is semen?

When a man makes sexual relation with a woman, a kind of fluid comes out from his penis and this fluid is semen. Sperms are the main element of this semen and other liquids are the secretions excreted from different genital glands. All the secretions come out altogether at the time of ejaculation and get the form of semen.

No bathing of women during menses:-

Often, it is observed that women do not take bath during menses but there is no appropriate cause behind this. In reality, cleanliness of a woman’s body especially of genital platform is very necessary. It is considered that women feel too much exhaustion during menses and they do not want to do any work. Thus, they have no wish to take bath during this period. Generally, cleanliness of the genital platform during menses becomes very essential and so taking bath is compulsory but too much cold water should not be used while taking bath.

Hymen (membrane of the vagina):-

The opening of the vagina is covered by a thin tissue membrane called hymen. The opening of unmarried girls’ vagina is not covered fully but there is a way (hole) in the vagina that a finger can enter into it. In some women, this opening is too narrow to insert a finger. This is the opening from where blood comes out during menses. Some people think that this membrane is tightened into the vagina like a curtain. This membrane decides whether the girl has already made sexual intercourse before marriage or not. Many persons think that this membrane breaks when a penis is inserted into the vagina at the time of first intimacy between male and female. The woman feels slight pain and a little blood comes out from the vagina. This membrane is very thick in some women, which breaks with too much pain. Several persons think that if the blood does not come in the first intimacy, the girl has tasted already the pleasure of sexual intercourse before marriage. However, this thing is not quite true because this hymen can break because of an accident or while playing and cycling too.

Arrival of sperm to the ovule after ejaculation:

The length of the uterus and fallopian tube of the woman is 3-5 inches. Thus, the whole length is 8 inches. The sperm passes one-inch long distance in 8 minutes. Thus, the sperm takes one hour in crossing the passage of 8 inches. It cannot be called a definite rule. The speed of the sperm depends on the movement of the sperms. The time of sperm’s arrival may be less or more than one hour.   

Small penis:-

Many persons are worried about the size of their penis. They think that their penis is small and they will not satisfy their wife fully sexually. It is very essential for those persons who think so that there is no importance of size of the penis in sexual intercourse. Complete knowledge about the sex is very essential for the sexual satisfaction of the women.

After play:-

Many persons sleep separately by changing their sides after the sexual intercourse but there are several persons who do not separate to each other after sexual intercourse and embrace and tickle to each other’s body. It is called after play. According to Vatsyayana, after play is as important as the foreplay is. Many women are not worried about the orgasm during sexual intercourse but they want that their husband may not separate from their body. It is more pleasurable to them than the orgasm. Thus, we can say that after play is as pleasurable as the foreplay is while making sexual relation. 

Progeny is necessary after 2-3 years of marriage:-

When a girl enters into young age, she gets menses. This is a proof that the girl is able to produce offspring viz she can be pregnant but full capability of conceiving take some time in reality.  Therefore, the period of 21-30 is considered the best to produce offspring.  In India, the age of marriage for girls is 18 years decided by legislation. Therefore, a married couple should produce offspring after three or four years of marriage. Second child should be produced after 4-5 years of the birth of first child. Here it means to say that there should be a gap of 4-5 years between the births of two children. If a girl got married after 30 years, she should not delay in conception at all.

Inflammation in the penis during sexual intercourse:-

 Some persons feel inflammation in the penis during sexual intercourse. It is so because the vagina is dry during sexual intercourse. To avoid this inflammation a greasy substance as cream, Vaseline or oil should be applied on the vagina properly before inserting the penis into the vagina.  

Climax or orgasm to the woman:-

There is a lot of contraction in her ligaments in the stage when a woman is getting orgasm during sexual intercourse. Thereafter, this contraction bursts like an explosion consequently the woman reaches into the stage of unconsciousness. Orgasm depends over the health, lassitude and curiosity for sex of a woman.  On one hand, this orgasm obtained during sex gives a strange pleasure to the woman but sometimes it may be the cause of troublesome to the woman too. Ejaculation of woman while getting orgasm is not necessary but it gives contraction of the ligaments and then great pleasure is accessible.     

Less or more salaciousness of person:-

All the persons have equal sex urge but the difference is only that some undergo through it properly or some not. A person, who is the master of sexual knowledge and techniques, is considered more salacious. A person without sex knowledge is considered that there is no salaciousness in him/her. 

Retrieval of genital organs of woman after delivery:-

If a woman gives birth to child normally, all the genital organs of the woman return in their previous stage within 6-8 week.

Lack of sperms in semen:-

If there is a lack of sperms in the semen of man, he should know the cause of this sperm disability first. If the causes of this problem are lack of nutritive elements in the meals, any kind of defect in the glands or infection, this lack can be removed by taking vitamins, hormones and other energetic medicines. If there is a lot of injury in the testicles, treatment of this fault is almost impossible.

How much gap should be between the births of two children?

Menstrual excretion stops as a woman becomes pregnant and no ovule comes out from the uterus after that. After delivery when this process starts again, she can be pregnant again. Generally, menses starts again after six months of delivery but sometimes it may be too late or too early. It is not necessary that a ripe ovule will come out from the uterus after the onset of menses. There is a great need to heed at this time.   

Some persons think this period safe and appropriate for sexual relation and they use no contraception. Sometimes it may be wrong and the woman becomes pregnant again unwillingly. At this moment only two options save first is the birth of another child and second is abortion. Both the options can be harmful for a woman. Either male or female should use contraception at this time to avoid pregnancy instead of thinking this period as safe.

Recycle of menstrual excretion in a month:-

A woman gets menses after a regular cycle of 28 days but the dates of it can be up and down. Cycle of menses starts at the interval or 26 days in some women and it starts at the break of 30 days in some women. This gap can be 32 days in some women too. Therefore, it can be said that the gap of this menstrual excretion can be between 26-32 days.   

Means of conception for a man:-

If a man wants to make sexual relation with her wife without worry of conception, first means for it is that the man should not ejaculate  semen into the vagina. He should detach his penis from the vagina as he feels that ejaculation time is near. Here it means to say that semen should not be ejaculated into the vagina. Other means of conception is very popular and that is use of condom. There is no doubt of pregnancy if sexual relation is made by using condoms.  

Means of conception for woman:-

There are several means of conceptions available in the markets for women who do not want to be pregnant. Such means of contraception are contraceptive pills, copper-T, jelly and doosh.

Sexual disability in man:

There are two kinds of sexual disability in men first belongs to body and other to mind. Sometimes, it is considered as hereditary. A man loses his sexual urge if there are mental problems with him. It is called sexual disability caused by mental disturbances. Physical sexual disability is produced because of the lack of hormones, defect in the structure of genitals and weakness of the body. Some men become the victim of sexual disability because of long illness. Today, diabetes is becoming the main cause of sexual diabetes. A man can become impotent because of diabetes.  Men with too much or too less weight can suffer this problem. 


Attraction towards opposite sex is human nature as man’s attraction towards woman and woman’s towards man. Consequently, they make sexual intercourse. On the contrary, some persons are homosexual. In homosexuality, a woman likes to make sexual relation with woman and a man likes to make sexual relation to another man. This kind of sexual relation is considered unnatural sexual relation.  This stage starts from the age of adolescence and survives until youth age. Often, in schools and colleges boys and girls live together. There pricks and pranks as well as physical teasing take the form of homosexuality gradually. Generally, homosexuality is found in both male and female but mostly it is found in men.    

Harms if sexual relation is made after a long time:-

Some persons think that sperms of the semen are more active if sexual relation is made after a span of long period. If a person does not involve in sexual relation since a long period, the sperms of this person are weaker than the sperms of those men who make sexual relation after a short span of period. 

Identification of pregnancy:-

When a woman conceives, she gets no knowledge about it soon but she becomes aware after some time on the base of some symptoms.  Stoppage of menses is the first symptom of pregnancy but it is not a definite proof to be pregnant because there may be other causes too of it. Besides it, if a woman is pregnant, she suffers from vomiting, giddiness and retching after three weeks of menses’ cessation. On the bases of these symptoms, the hope of pregnancy is almost true. A woman urinates frequently in this stage. After three months, the abdomen of the woman starts to enlarge and in the fifth month, the fetus starts to move in the womb.  

Capability of motherhood in a woman:-

A woman has a capability to beget offsprings from the starting of menses to menopause. The period to get motherhood is from 12-13 to 45-40 years.

Capability of fatherhood in a man:-

Sperms are produced in men’s semen and he has the capability to produce offspring until he ejaculates semen through his penis. The origin of semen starts from the age of 13-16 viz a boys of this age can ejaculates semen. A man has more power to produce offspring than the woman has. A man can produce offspring after 50 years too but this power starts to reduce gradually. 

Weakness after vasectomy:-

Many persons think that a kind of physical and sexual weakness comes in a person after vasectomy but it is only a suspicion or misconception. Vasectomy is minute operation. Vasectomy is a good option for those persons who do not child after producing one or two child. There is no bad effect of vasectomy over the body. Such persons have no need to use any contraception and woman can make sexual relation without worry.

Sexual intercourse with adolescent or immature girls in old age:-

It is said that young body is not necessary to make sexual intercourse. Young mind is more essential than the young body for sexual intercourse. Many old persons think that sexual power enhances in old age if sexual intercourse is made with immature girl viz-adolescent girl.  Old person attract towards younger girls due to their charm and attraction because the charm of their wives disappears due to old age. Attraction, charm, beauty is more than the old women have. The soft skin and fragrance of younger girls’ body makes old persons excessive excited and sexually strong. Therefor, here it is clear that sexually power does not enhance by making sexual relations with younger aged girls.

Sex knowledge to a woman before marriage:-

Many young persons think that they have no knowledge about sex and how will they make sexual relation with their wife at first intimacy. This thing keeps on puzzling them. Because of this fear, they think that sexual relation should be made with a woman to gain knowledge about sexual intercourse. This thinking is quite wrong because such kind of physical relation proves dangerous instead of beneficial. When a man makes sexual relation to a woman on first time, he is very terrified and remains fail in a pleasurable sexual relation. He becomes the victim of early ejaculation. Thus, he starts to think that he is not able for sexual intercourse.    

Too much sexual intercourse too much joy:-

If husband and wife do not make sexual relation for a long time, it may be harmful for both male and female. Both may be the victim of several fatal diseases. To avoid such kind of disease constant sexual relation is not an option because it also may be the cause of several serious diseases. Constant sexual relations are not good physically or mentally both because by doing so sexual pleasure can reduce gradually. Thus, sexual relation makes only a formality. Here one thing becomes clear that first sexual relation should be made regularly and thereafter do not make sexual relation for some days. It is so that sexual relation that is made after some days give great sexual pleasure to both man and woman. 

Sexual pleasure without erect or excited penis:-

The persons unaware about sex knowledge think that stroking into vagina with erect or excited penis and then separation with woman is sex. Sex is associated with the mind and body of both man and woman. If a man wants to take sexual pleasure without erect or excited penis, lovemaking is the best option.

Relation between sex and obesity:-

Generally, there is no relation between sex and fatness but there is word hunger, which can be used for both. Over eating and use of meat bring fatness consequently there is a disturbance in the hormones and a person becomes fat. A fat person faces different kinds of problems in daily routine work due to fatness because laziness and idleness as well as difficulty in movement produce in the body. Thus, muscles of the body become flabby consequently the sexual pleasure gets reduced. 

Excessive salaciousness:-

When a person feels excessive excitement, generally it is called manly trait. If this condition is in a woman, she is considered wrong. A salacious person becomes mad to make sexual relation as a stupid or patient of mental diseases wants to do a special work. Sometimes, sexual excitement can generate because of the swelling in the brain and fits of epilepsy too.   

Time during sexual intercourse:-

Many persons do not know how much time should be given for sexual intercourse and it is because of the lack of sex knowledge. This question disturbs many persons.  A penis of an ordinary man can be in erect condition from two to 10 minutes. If both man and woman are aware about sex knowledge, the time of erection of penis can be from 8-10 minutes. If a person strokes with his penis into the vagina, he can ejaculate within one or two minutes and if the person strokes after short breaks, this period can be increased till 10-15 minutes.      

Lubricant for sexual intercourse:-

Normally, there is a constant secretion from the vagina and this is the reason that vagina always remains wet. When this secretion excretes from the vagina on a large scale, it is called leucorrhoea. On the contrary, there are many women with dry vagina because a little secretion excretes from the vagina. A person should apply a good quality of ointment, lubricant, Vaseline and oil on the top of the penis as well vagina properly. A person feels no difficulty while inserting his penis into the vagina after this application.

Sexual intercourse with a pregnant woman:-

There are several doubts of the origin of different kinds of diseases if sexual relation is made during pregnancy.  Sexual relation may be the cause of abortion to those pregnant women who have already faced the problem of abortion or there is a problem in their uterus. A pregnant woman can be the victim of abortion in early 6-7 weeks after pregnancy and 8 weeks before delivery. Therefore, sexual relation should not be made during this period at all. Intelligent husband does not make sexual relation during this period. Sex urge reduces in most of women during this period so they have no desire for sexual intercourse.  Therefore, a husband should not make sexual relation with her wife without her consent at all.

Lethargy after sex:-

Many persons explain that they feel exhaustion after sexual intercourse in their body. It is so because a person concentrates his power mentally and physically in sex. This is the reason that all body organ of the body require relief but this tiredness does not last for long time but temporally. 

Harm by kissing:-

Both man and woman remain healthy physically, mentally and depression disappears too by making sexual relation. Personality of both also sharpens through sex. This is not possible only through sex. Foreplay is very important to make sexual relations more excited and enjoyable. Embracing, kissing and touching are very essential to make sexual intercourse more excitable. A person makes his sexual intercourse more exciting and enjoyable on the bases of kissing and embracing. There is no doubt of any disease through these techniques but both man and woman should be healthy fully. If any between the two has been suffering from catarrh, mouth blisters, tuberculosis and tooth problems as pyorrhea, your partner may be the victim of these diseases.  

Pain during sexual intercourse:-

Some women feel a lot of pain during sexual intercourse and the cause of it is the hardness of the hymen. Hymen is kind of membrane which covers to the vagina. This hymen breaks in the first intimacy and the woman feels constant slight pain. This membrane is very thick in some women and it does not break after inserting the penis into the vagina too. At this state, a woman feels excessive pain. In this condition, surgery should be done by an eminent surgeon. Besides it, if there is a lack of secretion from the vagina and it is dry, it may the cause of pain too.

Impact of contraception on the sexual power:-

Often, most people say that regular use of contraception makes sexual power weak. It is not true but only a misconception. A child takes birth after the meeting of eggs and sperms and contraception makes an obstruction in this process. Eggs start to meet with sperms when contraception is stopped and a woman becomes pregnant. Therefore, it can be said that there is no bad impact of the contraception on the body of a woman.

Suppression of ejaculation:-

Several men think that a person can save his semen from decaying along with sexual pleasure if he suppresses the process of ejaculation. This is only a misconception not truth because when semen separates from its place, it never reaches there again at all but it reaches into the urinary bladder. Because of this, a person becomes the victim of stones, swelling and warts on the anus. Therefore, a person should not suppress his semen at all.   

Lack of sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse:-

Many persons complain that none of both gets pleasure during sexual intercourse. There are several reasons of this problem. To get rid of this problem, both man and woman should talk to each other about this problem without hesitation because this conversation is another form of foreplay. Honeymoon, new techniques, bathing altogether, reading pornographic books enhance the sexual pleasure between the two during sexual intercourse.