Knowledge about the birth of son and daughter



A Son has been given more importance than the girl has in the whole world since ancient time. Generally, there is no difference between son and daughter even then everybody wants only son. It is believed that son is essential to produce new generation. In ancient time, a home with many sons is considered a lucky family. People considered a family without son as a wretched family. A woman, who has no son, is tortured by the husband and other family members.

In ancient time, people do everything for the birth of a son. Thus, many superstitions took birth in the society. A woman used to swallow a live wasp for the birth of a son if they were said to do so. There were so many misconceptions existed in the society. At that time, many women used to sacrifice other women’s sons for the birth of son. There were sorcererw behind all these wrong deeds.

Only a woman is accused since ancient if she has no son. A man marries again if his wife has no son. It is a common thing in the society.


When a man makes sexual relation with a woman, semen reaches into the vagina after ejaculation. There are several crores sperms in semen. Besides sperms, there is a fluid in the semen excreted by prostate gland. A big portion of semen comes out with the secretion at the time of ejaculation and the remaining semen sticks with the vaginal walls. A kind of fluid keeps on coming out from the walls of vagina. This fluid is alkali.

This is the reason that a large number of sperms destroy and all the remaining sperms enter into the uterus through vagina. This fluid clears the vagina itself. A kind of secretion keeps on coming out from the walls of uterus. It is alkali too. The quantity of this secretion is very little in normal condition but its quantity increases during sexual intercourse. This secretion comes out from the mouth of uterus and spreads through the vagina while making sexual relation.   

All the sperms, which mingle with the secretion excreted from the walls of uterus, remain strong constantly. All the sperms reach into the uterus through its mouth with the help of this secretion. These sperms enter into the fallopian tube after reaching into the uterus with the help of uterus movement and silipa. If there is a mature ovum in the fallopian tube, sperms advance towards it. The sperm, which reach first near the ovum breaks it with its point and dissolve in it. As soon as a sperm enters into the ovum, the walls of the uterus become hard and another sperm does not break it again. In this way, a woman becomes pregnant.

Knowledge about sperm:-

Each sperm has different kind of tissues, which are called chromosomes. Each chromosome is made of different kinds of cells named genes. These cells contain a man’s own characteristics and hereditary traits.

There are two kinds of chromosomes.

  • X chromosome:

The sperm, which contains x chromosomes produces a boy baby mixing with the ovum of a woman.

  • Y chromosome:

The sperm that contains y-chromosomes gives birth to a girl baby mixing with the ovum of a woman.

Scientists have no enough information about the sperms for a long time. Thereafter, a scientist has found that there are two kinds of sperm in the semen.

1.     Some sperms are small, which are weaker than the other sperms. They are 23 in the number than all the sperms existed in the semen. They are short in length but sharp at the tip. There are y-chromosomes in these sperms, which are called female chromosomes. When these sperms meet with the ovum of woman, a girl baby takes birth. Acidic stage is good while alkali condition is harmful for these kinds of sperms.    

2.     Second types of sperms are long in size and they are one third than the all sperms existed in the semen. These kinds of sperms are strong but flat at their top. There are X chromosome existed in these sperms. These are called male sperms. A boy baby takes birth when one sperm meet with a mature ovum of a woman. Acidic stage is harmful while alkali condition is helpful for these kinds of sperms.   

In this way, it is clear that a woman is not responsible for the birth of a son or daughter. It depends on the sperms of a man whether they are male or female.

For the birth of boy:-  

Female sperms survive in acidic stage whereas male sperms survive in alkali condition for a long time. Therefore, we should make an alkali condition into the vagina and uterus for the birth of a boy child. A woman should adopt a vaginal douche of sodium carbonate before some time of coition. This kind of douche makes the condition alkali. This condition strengthens to the male sperms and weakens female sperms. Female sperms become too weak to reach ovum whereas male sperm enters into the ovum. Thus, a boy baby takes birth. 

Besides it, there should be a large number of male sperms in the semen for the birth of a boy. Numbers of both sperms cannot be changed proportionally but number of male or female sperms can be reduced or increased on the quantity of semen. When coition is done with woman after many days, sperms are increased in situation of ejaculation. Therefore, to increase the quantity of male sperms, coition should be done after breaking some days so that a large amount of sperms could be ejaculated.

A woman should be excited fully before sexual intercourse if you want the birth of a boy baby. Besides it, satisfy a woman as much as you can during coition. Hence, a man should give up sexual relation with his wife before some days of the definite day to increase the quantity of semen.

A man should insert his penis into the deep of the vagina during sexual intercourse. It will be more beneficial. In this way, he will ejaculate semen near about the uterus and sperms will not have to pass more distance to reach into the uterus. Sperm should mingle with the secretion excreted by uterus. In this way, male sperm should be left near about the ovum of the woman as much as you can. 

Now, one question arises here whether sexual relation can be made on any day or on a special day for fertilization. Here one thing is clear here that fertilization is not possible by making sexual relation on any day because a mature ovum is not present in the fallopian tube always. This ovum exists there only for 2-3 days there and thereafter it loses its reproductive power. An ovum has great reproductive power on the day when it comes into fallopian tube from the ovary. It is called ovulation. Therefore, a man should make sexual relation with his wife by mentioning all these things mentioned above. Here one thing is clear that if you want the birth of a boy baby, you should make sexual relation on the day of ovulation.

A woman, whose menses are normal, can know about the day of ovulation by counting only days. On the other hand, a woman with abnormal menses can know about it by using a method of temperature.

Essential tips for the birth of boy baby:-

  • Make sexual relation regularly for three days by knowing the day of ovulation.
  • A woman should take douche of sodium carbonate regularly after the day of ovulation.
  • A man should not make sexual relation with his wife before seven days from ovulation. Sexual relation should be started from the day of ovulation.
  • A man should satisfy his wife properly while making sexual relation.  
  • A man should keep his penis into the vagina after ejaculation.

Essential things for the birth of a girl:-

Acidic condition is good for female sperms because alkali elements weaken them. Therefore, a woman who wants a girl baby should adopt douche of vinegar or lactic acid during the period of ovulation. In this way, male sperms, which are half in number than the female sperms, do not reach near about the ovum. Here it means to say that, all the male sperms become weak by adopting douche. In this way, a girl baby takes birth.

A man should not ejaculate semen near about the mouth of uterus. If a man does so, acidic condition weakens all the male sperms. Here it means to say that all the male sperms will become very weak because of acidic condition. The woman should use light solution during douche because female sperms can destroy. Parents who want a girl baby should be more aware during sexual intercourse. A man should not penetrate his penis deep into the vagina. Half portion of the penis should be out of the vagina while ejaculating semen. Some other essential things necessary for the birth of a girl have been giving below.

  • No kind of contraception should be used while making sexual relation during the period of ovulation.
  • After knowing the day of ovulation, make sexual relation as much as you make.
  • A man should not excite his wife. Besides it, you should not satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse.
  • The woman should adopt douche of light vinegar during ovulation.
  • Half portion of the penis should be out of the vagina while ejaculating semen.


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