Kidneys STONE



Normally, the stone of the kidneys forms due to solidifying of Calcium Phosphate, Uric acid or Sistine, etc. First of all, stone forms in the kidneys and then slowly begins to pass towards the urinary bladder. Due to stone in the kidneys, infection and obstruction occur in the urethra causing much difficulty and troubles at the time of making water (urination). There are two types of stone- small and big. Small stone passes out easily from the body after dissolving, but there is so trouble in the case of having big stone. The stone of the kidneys is found mainly in the middle aged people. There are 4 types of kidney’s stone- Calcium Phosphate, the mixture of Calcium Phosphate, Uric acid and Sistine, etc. 


Stone of the kidneys forms mainly due to chronic (old) infection of the urinary organs. This disease can also occur due to taking additional spicy and liquid eatables. Stone can be also formed due to taking too much eatables containing calcium as-chocolate, strawberry, etc. Stone is also formed due to increasing (rising) the level of uric acid. Sometimes, in the summer season, stone is also formed due to loss of aqueous element by removing liquid material from the body.

In some patient, this disease is hereditary.


In the condition of stone in the kidneys, patient feels fast pain in the stomach that is multiplied to the urusandhi. In this disease, patient feels difficulty in breathing also with pain. Red colored urine passes. Patient feels vomit and profuse sweating. Shivering occurs in the whole body of the patient with fever. He feels to make water but urine does not pass due to which a desire of making water (urination) again and again persists in the patient.


Due to stone in the kidneys, aqueous element starts to loss from the body. So, patient should not allow to loss water in the body and must drink minimum 5 liter of water in a day to fulfill the requirement of water in the body. Do not work hard in the summer season and treat is immediately if infection follows it.  


In the case of stone in the kidneys, take things that help in dissolving stone. Eat fibrous things like the bread (chapatti) of chaff and drink barley water. Drinking beer is also beneficial in the case of stone in the kidneys, but do not consume much beer.

In the condition of stone in the kidneys, do not take milk and milk products even chocolate and beet root too, because these contain calcium. Strawberry and rhubarb also should not be eaten. Red meat should not be eaten in the case of stone in the kidneys, because it enhances the level of uric acid. Addition to it, do not eat eggs, meat, fish, etc. Do not take Calcium as drug to remove pain.