Kidney swelling


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        Sometimes, the kidneys turn into big than its normal size due to kidneys disorder and pain occurs in it. It is called kidney swelling. The pain spreads from kidney to waist in this disease.


        The body and urine of the patient become yellow in the kidney diseases. He also suffers from eyelid swelling, anuria-dysuria, retention of urine, diabetes mellitus, hematuria and sperm with urine in this disease. Sometime, the symptom of giddiness occurs in the patient body too.

Meal and abstinence:

  • The patient who suffers from swelling of the kidney should urinate immediately after having meals because of that he gets free from kidney diseases, waist pain, liver diseases, rheumatism and enlargement of male glands (Pourush granthi).
  • Milk, curd, cheese and milky food stuff should not be taken in enough quantity. The patient who suffers from this disease should not take meat, fish, hen, foodstuff that is prepared from excessive quantity of potassium, chocolate, coffee, milk, powder, bear, wine, etc.
  • Dried fruit, vegetable, cake, pastry, salty (Namkeen), butter, etc. should not be taken in this disease. 

For reading tips click below links      Such medicines are useful in the treatment of the problem of kidney swelling:
1.     Alum:


    Take 1 gram toasted alum thrice a day to end kidney swelling.
    2.     Cinnamon:


      Kidney diseases are cured by taking cinnamon.
      3.     Yellow datura:

      Yellow datura:

        Take milk of yellow datura to cure kidney diseases. It also ends urination problems.
        4.     Basil:


          Make a powder by grinding 20 grams dried leaves of basil (Dry basil leaves in shadow), 20 grams caraway and 10 grams rock salt together. Take 2 spoons this powder with lukewarm water twice a day regularly; it ends uneasiness and pain caused by kidney swelling.
          5.     Orange:


            1-2 oranges should be taken with lukewarm water or orange juice should be taken in the morning before breakfast, it cures kidney swelling and other diseases of the kidney. Orange is useful to clean the kidney. Taking apple and grapes in the kidney diseases are useful too. Take fruits juice on empty stomach in the morning; it keeps the kidney healthy.
            6.     Carrot:


              Boil 2 spoons carrot seeds in 1 glass water and give it to the patient of kidney diseases, it ends retention of urine and kidney swelling.
              7. Lambs ouarters:

              Lambs ouarters:

                Lambs ouarters is useful to cure kidney diseases. Take its juice in the condition of retention of urine; it helps in urination clearly.
                8. Greatleaved Caledium:

                Greatleaved Caledium:

                  Take Greatleaved Caledium, it is useful to cure the diseases and weakness of the kidney.
                  9. Water melon:

                  Water melon:

                    Take water melon to end kidney swelling.
                    10. Cucumber (Kakdi):

                    Cucumber (Kakdi):

                      Take carrot juice with cucumber or turnip juice, it cures kidney swelling, pain and other diseases of the kidney. It is useful to end urination problems too.
                      11. Potato:


                        The patient who suffers from kidney diseases should take potato. Potato contains sodium in enough quantity and potassium in little quantity.
                        12. Sandal:


                          Drip 5-10 drops sandal oil on sugar cake and take it with milk thrice a day regularly, it ends kidney swelling and provides relief from pain.
                          13. Five leaved chast:

                          Five leaved chast:

                            Take 10-20 ml juice of its leaves twice a day; it ends swelling of the kidney. Along with, grind Indian leaved chast, indian beech, neem and datura leaves together then heat it. After that, tie it on a part where the kidney exists to get relief.
                            14. Cleome viscose:

                            Cleome viscose:

                              Apply ground leaves of cleome viscose, which flower is yellow on left and right side of the navel to get relief.
                              15. Nitre:


                                Mix ¼ parts to one gram nitre with caltrop decoction and take it twice a day, it provides relief in kidney swelling. It breaks kidney stone and provides relief from its pain too.
                                16. Mango:


                                  Take mango regularly, it is useful to ends weakness of the kidney.
                                  17. Garden nightshade:

                                  Garden nightshade:

                                    Take 10-25 milliliters juice of garden nightshade regularly, it is useful to end retention of urine. It ends swelling and pain of the urination and kidney too.
                                    18. Wild onion:

                                    Wild onion:

                                      Mix equal quantity of powder of onion, cucumber seeds and trifala together. Take half spoon this powder twice a day regularly to get relief in the kidney diseases.
                                      19. Radish:


                                        • 20-40 ml radish juice should be taken 2-3 times in a day; it ends retention of urine and kidney disorders.
                                        • Take radish, it is useful to get relief in sperm with urine.
                                        • Mix 10-20 ml juice of radish leaves with 1-2 grams nitre juice and give it to the patient, it clears the urine and ends kidney swelling.
                                        • Take half glass radish juice regularly to cure anuria-dysuria.
                                        20. Malabar nut:

                                        Malabar nut:

                                          Heat leaves of malabar nut with neem leaves and foment the abdomen with these leaves as well as take 5 ml juice of malabar nut leaves with 5 grams honey, it provides relief from fast pain of the kidney.
                                          21. Betel leaf:

                                          Betel leaf:

                                            Take betel leaf to get relief in kidney swelling and other diseases.
                                            22. Hogweed:


                                              Take 10-20 ml decoction of its panchang (Root, stem, leaves, fruit and flower), it is very useful to cure kidney diseases.
                                              23. Lemon:


                                                Take 1 grams powder of neem root with water twice a day to get relief in the kidney diseases.
                                                24. Luffa (Louki):

                                                Luffa (Louki):

                                                  • Heat small pieces of luffa and put it on the affected part as well as rub its juice on the affected part, it provides relief from pain of the kidney.
                                                  • Rub its juice on the kidney and apply ground luffa on the affected part, it provides relief from kidney pain soon.
                                                  25. Grapes:


                                                    Mix 30 ground leaves of grape creeper with mixed water of salt. Give this mixture to the patient to get relief in kidney pain.
                                                    26. Prickly chalf flower:

                                                    Prickly chalf flower:

                                                      Grind 5-10 grams root of prickly chalf flower with fresh water and give it to the patient, it provides relief from pain. This medicine brings out bladder stone after breaking it into small particles.
                                                      27. Castor:


                                                        Heat ground kernels of castor and apply it on the kidney, it ends swelling and pain of the kidney.