Kidney Bean



The pulses of Kidney bean are black, green, yellow, white and red colors.Introduction:

          Kidney bean is Dwidal Dhany. It has special qualities than other pulses so it is the best in all pulses. Kidney bean is best for patients. It has many colors as black, green, yellow, white and red. Black kidney bean is light to digest. Khichri, vegetables and others are made from kidney bean. It is also used to prepare Papad and Badiyan. Tarkari is also made by boiling kidney bean. We can prepare nutritive sweetmeats from kidney bean. One should take these sweetmeats in winter season.

Color: The pulses of Kidney bean are black, green, yellow, white and red colors.

Taste: It is dry.

Temper: It is cool in nature and light to digest.


Kidney bean causes wind but its washed water (Pasawan) does not cause wind. Its washed water helps to end Tridoshas (Vaata, Pitta and Kapha). It sets motion and is useful for the eyes. It also cures fever.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Fever: One should eat kidney bean with peel. Cook kidney bean with dried Indian gooseberry. Taking this preparation twice a day regularly is useful to cure fever and sets motion.

2. Constipation: Eating mixed heap (khichri) of kidney bean eliminates constipation. Mix 20 grams kidney bean with 10 grams rice and boil to prepare heap. After that, mix salt and ghee in this preparation and eat, it eliminates constipation.

3. Excessive Sweat: Grind toasted kidney bean and mix water in it to prepare the paste. Rubbing this paste on the body prevents sweat.

4. Fire’s burnt: Grind kidney bean with water and apply it on the affected part provides relief.

5. Powerful Body (Tonic): Eating sweetmeat of kidney bean increases body power. Prepare flour of toasted kidney bean. Mix equal quantity of this flour and ghee in a cauldron then put on low flame. When the flour changes into a little red and becomes knots then spray milk again and again and put down. Mix this preparation with sugar, almond, pistachio, cardamom, clove and black pepper’s powder. After that, make sweetmeat from this preparation. These sweetmeats are cool and increases sperm count. It also ends Vaata disorders.

6. Typhoid: Cooked kidney-bean is useful for the typhoid patient. Don’t fry it with ghee and spices.

7. Diabetes Mellitus: Immerse 50 grams kidney-bean in iron pot water at night and take this water sip by sip in the morning, it decreases diabetes mellitus.

8. Fever:

  • Take 40 ml decoction of forestry kidney-bean’s panchang (leave, stem, fruit, flower and root) 2-3 times a day regularly; it cures fever.
  • The decoction of forestry kidney-bean’s leaves makes the body strong. It provides good sleep and decreases burning sensation.

9. Corneal Opacity: Mix the powder of kidney-bean (without peel pulse) equal shankh nabhi with honey. Applying its collyrium in the eyes is useful to cure corneal opacity.

10. Fever caused by fever: Prepare juice of kidney bean and liquorice and taking it cure fever.

11. Breast milk disorders: Take 14 to 28 ml. kidney bean’s soup or meat’s soup; it ends breast milk’s disorders.

12. Scrofula: Eating kidney bean, barley and sespadula (Parwal) is useful to get relief in scrofula.

13. Ringworm: Immerse kidney bean (with peel) in as much water as dry whole water. Grind it after two hours and apply on ringworm and itching. It provides relief.

14. Physical Beauties: Grind immersed kidney bean and mix powder of dried peel of orange. Mix also a little quantity of cream in this mixture and prepare the paste. Apply this paste and after that take bath. It improves skin color.