Kidney Bean



Kidney bean is famous for its nutritious elements. It generates gas. Hence, to end this fault garlic, asafetida should mix in enough quantity with it.Introduction:

      Kidney bean is grown all over India. Its pulse is white. Kidney bean and millet’s chapatti is the favorite dish of laborious farmers. Kidney bean is nutritious and cold. Kidney bean is famous for its nutritious elements. It generates gas. Hence, to end this fault garlic, asafetida should mix in enough quantity with it. Animals also remain healthy by eating it. A cow or buffalo gives much milk by eating it. Its leaves or fodder of its stems are also feed to animals.


      Pulse of kidney bean is nutritious. It is heavy and useful for the patient of stomach diseases. It is nutritious and increases thirst. It enhances sperm count and physical power also. It fattens the body. Breast milk also increases by its use. Pitta and kapha increase by its use. It is beneficial for the treatment of piles, gout, paralysis and asthma.

Flake of kidney bean:

      Its flakes are tasty and digest the food easily. It is a heavy food. In the winter season, its pulse is useful for vatta natured person. But after digestion it creates hot and sweet juice. It is harmful to pitta and kapha natured persons. Its round cakes (badyian) enhance physical strength. Its pulse increases sperm count.

Note: Kidney bean should be used according to ones digestive power.

Useful indifferent diseases:

1. To get power in the body:

  • Kidney bean enhances strength. It increases power by eating any way. Immerse 30 grams kidney bean in water at night and grind it in the morning. Take this preparation with milk or sugar candy. It is very useful for sperm and brain. Mention that it should be used by those persons whose digestion power is strong. Flesh increases by taking it with peels. Asafetida enhances its qualities if it is fried with asafetida. Grind immersed kidney beans, mix 1 spoon pure ghee and half spoon honey in it and lick this paste. Mix sugar candy in milk and drink after taking this preparation. Its regular use makes a man strong like horse.
  • Immerse kidney bean in water and grind it mixing with salt, black peepers, asafetida, cumin seed, garlic and ginger. Prepare round cakes (bada) of this paste. Take these round cakes mixing with ghee or oil. Taking it gas, weakness, anorexia and pain are cured. Grind kidney bean and mix curd in it.  Fry this paste. This paste makes a man stronger and enhances his sexual power.
  • Take kidney bean, wheat flour and peeper powder each 500 grams.  Mix 100 grams ghee in it and cook. Prepare 40-40 grams sweet meats (laddu) of this preparation. Eat one sweat meat at night with 250 ml milk regularly. Avoid sour, salty and oily things while taking these sweet meats. It strengthens body power.

2. Leucoderma:

  • Grind soaked kidney bean flour and prepare paste. Apply this paste on the white flecks for four months regularly. White flecks end by applying this paste.
  • Grind black kidney bean and apply this paste three-four times a day. Body skin normalizes within some days by this formula.

3. Alopecia: Grind kidney bean boiled pulse. Apply this paste on the head at night. Baldness ends slowly and new hair grows.       

4. Men’s sexual power: Eat a kidney bean sweetmeat with a glass of milk daily. Its use enhances sperm count and thus a person becomes sexually strong.

5. Paralysis: Boil kidney bean and dry ginger like tea. Its use provides relief in paralysis.

6. Hiccup:

  • Burn kidney bean on the burning coal and inhale its smoke. Hiccups stop by taking its smoke.
  • Take the smoke of kidney bean and powder of asafetida. This smoke stops hiccups.

7. Epistaxis and headache: Grind soaked kidney bean and apply on the forehead. Its use stops epistaxis and headache caused by heat.

8. Ulcers: If thick pus eliminates from ulcer, apply bandage of kidney bean. Its use provides relief. 

9. Nasal diseases: Mix kidney bean flour, camphor and burnt red silky cloth ash with water. A patient gets a lot of relief by applying this paste.

10. Sperm with urine: Boil 10-15 grams kidney bean flour with cow milk. Mix little ghee in it and take it for seven days regularly. Sperm with urine stops by taking it.

11. Diabetes mellitus:

  • Take Indian goose berry juice with honey or Malabar nut juice with impure carbonate of potash for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  • Mix half spoon turmeric and one spoon honey with one spoon juice of Indian goose berry (aamla). Its use provides a lot of relief.

12. Impotency:

  • Grind 40 grams kidney bean pulse and eat with honey or ghee. Its use makes a man able for sex.
  • Prepare sweetmeats of kidney bean pulse. Eat two sweetmeats daily for the treatment of impotency.

13. Hair diseases:

  •  Grind 200 grams kidney bean pulse, 100 grams Indian goose berry (aamla), 50 grams acacia concinna and 25 grams fenugreek and prepare powder. Soak 25 grams this preparation in 200 ml water for one hour. After that, churn this and wash hair. Hair diseases are cured with its use.
  • Grind boiled kidney bean pulse and apply on the head at night before sleeping. New hair grows by its use.

14. Breast engorgement: Eat kidney bean pulse with ghee. Its use increases milk in the breast.

15. Overeating: Take kidney beans, barley, horse-gram and coconut root’s mixture. A person remains far from appetite for one month by its use.

16. Weakness:  Taking one sweetmeat of kidney bean pulse with milk daily ends weakness.

17. Paralysis: Boil kidney bean with dry ginger and give this water to the patient to drink. It cures paralysis.

18. Fatness:  Eating kidney bean with peel fattens body.

19. Blood bile: Blood disorders due to bile are ended by taking 2-4 grams terminus labailis (van urad).

20. Different types of pain:  Prepare pakodis of kidney bean pulse and eat them with honey and ghee. Its use provides relief in (Ann drav shool) the pain produced by corn.

21. Sperm increaser: Grind kidney bean pulse and mix salt, black pepper, cumin seed, asafetida and garlic in it and fry it with ghee. Eating it with curd enhances sperm count.

22. Nose bleeding:  Grind kidney bean immersed pulse. Apply this prepared paste on the fore head. Its use stops nose bleeding.

23. Gout: Boil kidney bean pulse with caster peel. Chewing boiled kidney bean seeds cures gout.

24. Heart weakness: Soak 50 grams kidney bean pulse at night. Grind it in the morning and drink with milk as well as sugar candy. It strengthens the heart.

25. Acnes:  Soak kidney bean and lentil pulse without peel with milk in the morning. Grind finely it in the evening and mix little drops of lemon juice and honey in it. Prepare a paste by its use. Apply this paste on the face at night. Wash face in the morning with hot water. Pimples and its flecks are removed by its use and a new glow appears on the face. 

26. Penis enlargements:

  • Grind prickly chalf flower, barley, kidney bean and pepper with water. Apply this paste on the penis. Penis enlarges and fattens by its use after ending its thinness.
  • Grind chimti, barley, kidney bean and pepper with water and apply it on the penis. Penis enlarges by using it.

27. Headache: Soak kidney bean pulse with water and apply on the head after grinding. Thus, headache ends by its use.

28. Weakening memory: Soak 50 grams kidney bean pulse in water and grind it in the morning. Memory power increases and brain weakness ends by taking it with milk and sugar candy.

29. Swelling in the body:  Grind black kidney beans, barley and wheat with water and apply it on the body like paste. Its use ends body swelling.