Cucumber Seed



Cucumber seed is white.  It is vapid and tasty in taste.  It is very famous.Colour: Cucumber seed is white.

Taste: It is vapid and tasty in taste.

Structure: It is very famous.

Nature: It is very cool in nature.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of cucumber seed is harmful for the cold and calm natured persons.

Removing side effects: Aniseed removes all the side effects of cucumber seed.

Compare: Cucumber seed can be compared with cucumber seed (Kakdi ka bij).

Dosage: It can be used in 9 grams quantity.

Quality: Taking cucumber seeds helps in urination clearly and cures anuria-dysuria. It is also useful for the liver and spleen. It cures fever caused by syphilis.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Urinary problems: Mix 10 grams ground seeds of cucumber with water and give it to the patient twice or thrice a day, it provides relief in pain of the navel and vesica.

2. Liver enlargement: Cut cucumber and mix lemon juice, mint juice and black salt with it. After that, give this mixture to the patient to reduce the liver enlargement.

3. Unconscious (Giddiness):

  • Cut cucumber and put on the eyes and forehead of the patient as well as smell its pieces to the patient too. Using this process breaks unconscious.
  • Unconscious is removed by smelling perfume of cucumber to the patient.