Kewti Nut Grass Root



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Color: Kewti nut grass’s root is white in color.

Taste:  It is fragrant in taste.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of it is harmful for the spleen.

Removing side effects: Using jujub removes all the side effects of it.

Compare: It can be compared with shahetra.

Dosage: It is taken in 1 gram quantity.


Root of Kewti nut grass plant is useful to end disorders of kapha and vatta. It ends swelling and purifies the blood. It enhances the memory power and provides relief in unbearable pain. It is also beneficial in leprosy.

Useful in different diseases:

Impotency: This disease is cured by taking 10 grams ground seeds of Kewti nut grass with mixed milk of sugar-candy regularly.