Keegel exercise



Keegel exercise is a very easy technique of which any man can do easily. A man can give excessive sexual pleasure to his wife while making sexual relation with her by adopting keegel exercise. In addition to, the man gets great sexual pleasure too in this technique. In this Keegal exercise, a person has to adopt easy exercises of the backward muscles of the hips. 

A man needs nothing to adopt any formula to enhance sexual power and get real sexual pleasure after adopting keegal exercise. After adopting this exercise, muscles of back portion of hips become active and agile very much. These are the muscles, which provide excessive sexual pleasure for both man and woman during sexual intercourse. A man can prolong the process of sexual intercourse by adopting keegel exercise. This exercise proves very beneficial if a man is the victim of premature ejaculation. Patients of premature ejaculation get rid of this problem by adopting this exercise

If a man has full control on this exercise named keegal exercise, he can reach on climax many times without ejaculation. Keegal exercise not only provides much sexual pleasure while making sexual relation but also several other benefits are achieved by a man. Both man and woman can prolong the period of sexual intercourse to a large extant by pulling the muscles of hips backwardly. Besides it, they can change the direction of sexual intercourse.

How to do the exercise named keegel exercise:-

  • Finding out about the muscle named Pubococcygeal inside a man is very essential before doing keegel exercise. 
  •  If a man desires for urinate, he should urinate by stretching his both legs. Velocity of urine should never be suppressed at any rate. The man should try to stop his urine while urinating by giving a pressure on a muscle. This muscle is called Pubococcygeal.
  • When he tries to urinate, he should try to stop urine for some time and after that, he should urinate again. In the beginning, you will feel difficulty in doing so. It may be that the man is not able to stop urine or he is able to stop urine for a second only. The man should not be nervous because of this reason. A man will get success after regular efforts by getting control over this muscle named Pubococcygeal.  
  • When the man gets success to control this muscle, he should try to contract that muscle without urinating. Try to adopt this process for some time regularly.
  • In the beginning, the man should contract this muscle for some time. After 15-20 days of regular efforts, period of contracting muscles should be increased.

Contracting the muscles named Pubococcygeal is called hold. In this way, a process of contracting and loosening this muscle is called quick contraction.

  • A woman should not live in holding position more than 5 seconds and the man should not live in this position more than 15 seconds.
  • A man can control on this muscle named Pubococcygeal after several months’ efforts. He can control on his excitement and sexual urge too.
  • After getting success in this exercise named Pubococcygeal a man can stop ejaculation many time while making sexual relation. He can establish sexual relation again. If a man feels premature ejaculation while making sexual relation, he should give pressure on Pubococcygeal. In this way, he will get success to stop premature ejaculation. 
  • This exercise should be done repeatedly. A man will get as much sexual pleasure as he has the power to control his muscle Pubococcygeal.
  • Men can do the practice of this process named Pubococcygeal after masturbation too.


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