Cluster Fig



Cluster fig is a tree, which color is violet.  It is sour and pungent in taste.  Its trees are big and heavy.Colour: Cluster fig is a tree, which color is violet.       

Taste: It is sour and pungent in taste.

Structure: Its trees are big and heavy. The flowers do not grow on the tree but fruits grow on the branches. Its fruits are round like fig but some small than fig. If someone touches its leaves, itching occurs on the hand and white milk comes out from the leaf.

Nature: It is cool in nature.

Quality: Cluster fig cures the disease of phlegm and bile and wounds, white ringworm, piles and jaundice. It enhances sperm count and prevents loose motions. Its root is very useful as medicine. 

Useful in different diseases:

1.Relapsing fever: Taking 240 to 360 milligrams root or fruits of cluster fig with milk twice a day is useful to get relief in relapsing fever. The patient should not take it in over quantity because it may be the cause of vomiting and diarrhoea.

2.Leucorrhoea: The patient should drink juice of cluster fig fruits with honey because it cures metrorrhagia. The patient should take only milk, rice and sugar while treatment.

3. Skin diseases:

  • Eating cooked vegetable of small and raw fruits of kathumar purifies the blood and cures skin diseases.
  • Take powder of dried fruits of cluster fig regularly because it is useful to cure white leprosy.

4.White spots (White leprosy): Dry fruits of cluster fig and prepare the powder from it after grinding. White leprosy (white spots) is cured by taking this powder twice a day.