Karana Pira Asana



       The practice of this asana should be done on alone, neat and clean place. The practice of this asana should be done on alone, neat and clean place. Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and lie down on the stomach for the practice of this asana. Thereafter, leave the body loose. Now keep both the hands in the side of waist and keep them straight and keep the palms should be towards the floor. Now, raise both the legs up together and bring toward the head slowly. Now put both the legs on the both sides of the head and close with the ears and keep tiptoes and knees on the floor. Stay in this position for sometime and return in normal position slowly. Take a rest for sometime and repeat this activity again. Do this activity for 5 times daily.


        Don’t try to raise your legs up with a jerk during the practice of this asana because it may be the cause of sprain in the neck. Do this asana carefully. This asana is difficult, so you should try to keep tiptoes on the floor first instead of keeping knees and tiptoes. After that, try to keep the knees on the floor slowly.  


        The practice of this asana is useful to make the nervous system strong and active. This asana awakens all nerves present in spinal cord because of which each portion of the body becomes active. The practice of this asana makes the whole body healthy, strong and active.