Karajj Kajja


Colour: Karajj kajja is sky blue.

Taste: It is bitter and pungent.

Structure: Mostly, its trees are found in forests and on mountains. Its trees are huge. Its leaves are round like ficus rumphi blume (Paakhar) and shiny from upper side. Its flowers and fruits are sky blue. Its fruits have thorns and grow in bunches. Its branches are thorny. Karajj kajja has 6-7 kinds.


Its fruits are hot in nature and digest soon. Its fruits are useful in the treatment of arteries’ problems. Karajj kajja is good remedy in swelling, bleeding, chronic fever, vagina diseases, colic pain, piles, wounds, stomach diseases, spermatorrhoea, spleen problems and corneal opacity. It also makes the uterus strong and eliminates vatta

          Its leaves are hot in nature and increase bile. They are useful for eliminating kapha and vatta. They are used for healing the wounds up and in the treatment of piles and to kill stomach worms. Grind the leaves of karajj kajja and prepare decoction by boiling it with red chilly. Taking this decoction gets rid of all types of fever.

          Its flowers are hot by nature and eliminate gas, bile and phlegm.

          Take sprouts of karajj kajja. Its use enhances digestion power and increase appetite. It brings the phlegm out and checks vatta disorders. It also gets rid of piles, swelling and leprosy.

          Its oil is hot in nature and destroys worms. It causes disturbances in the blood caused by bile. Its use cures eye diseases. Apply the paste of karajj kajja on the itching affected area to get rid of itching, wounds and other diseases of the skin.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Urticaria: Take the juice of karajj kajja’s leaves with curd, salt and black pepper twice a day. Its use provides relief.

2. Syphilis: If someone is the victim of the second stage of syphilis, take 10 to 20 ml juice of karajj kajja’s leaves or 600 to 1200 milligrams its root twice a day. Its use gets rid of the disease named syphilis.