(Bolus Alba (China Clay)-Alumina Silicate)-Kaolin

Introduction: -

Kaolin is very effective drug for curing whooping cough and inflammation the respiratory duct.

Use of Kaolin in various symptoms: -

Nasal Symptoms: -

Kaolin is a beneficial drug in the symptoms of fast itching and burning in the nose, secretion of yellow mucus from the nose, chocked nose, painful pimples on the nose, etc.

Symptoms related to breathing: -

If the patient has symptoms of rapid pain in the voice tube and chest, membrane coats that move to the windpipe, secretion of brown color mucus, etc., use of Kaolin regularly is useful for making the patient well within few days.    

Dose: -

The trituration of the lower potency of Kaolin is beneficial for curing diseases on the basis of their symptoms.