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[ K ] Related Medicines:

Colour: Its flowers are white and its leaves are green.

Taste: It is spicy.

Structure: Kansa is a tree. Its leaves are like guava leaves. Its flowers are white but there is also a kind of it that has red flower.

Nature: Kansa is cool in nature but according to Greek medical science it is hot and dry in nature. Its flowers are cool in nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of kansa causes gas in the stomach.

Dosage: It should be taken in the quantity of 6 grams.

Quality: Kansa generates flatulence (Badi) and makes the voice clear. It brings the phlegm out and checks disturbances in the blood caused by bile. It also makes the heart strong. It gets rid of asthma, cough, fever, vomiting, leprosy, illusion and tuberculosis.  

Useful in different diseases:

Hiccup: Grind the root of kansa plant and mix honey in it. Lick this mixture to stop hiccup.