Kalmia latifolia



Introduction: - 

Kalmia Latifolia is very effective drug in joints pain. Simultaneously, it is also useful in the symptoms of retching, abnormal nerves, etc. This drug proves as very useful in heart troubles.

Use of Kalmia Latifolia in various symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

Kalmia Latifolia is very beneficial drug in the symptoms of dizziness that is aggravated by bowing, strange thoughts in the brain and pain from the forehead and temple to the neck joints and teeth. 

Symptoms related to the Eyes: -

Kalmia Latifolia is very useful drug for curing symptoms as- poor eyesight, feeling of straining and stricture in the eyes even by a little movement, inflammation of the white portion of the eyes and other eyes troubles.

Symptoms related to the Face: -

Kalmia Latifolia is very beneficial drug in symptoms as- sharp pain in the right side of the facial muscles, piercing pain in the tongue, feeling of pricking sensation in the facial bones, rapid pain, etc. 

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

If the patient has symptoms as- feeling as if a hot thing has kept inside the stomach, retching with the symptoms of vomiting, retching due to heat, vertigo, headache and feeling as if something is pressed under the digestion systems, etc., Kalmia Latifolia should be used.   

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

In frequent urination with the symptoms of backache, diphtheria, inflamed kidneys (post near retinal nephritis), etc., Kalmia Latifolia proves as an effective drug. 

Heart-related Symptoms: -

Kalmia Latifolia is an excellent drug in the symptoms of slow nerves speed, fast heart beat that become faster by bowing forwards, heart troubles due to taking tobacco, difficult breathing, feeling of pressure from the digestive systems to the heart, respiratory problems due to intense pain, rapid pain in the chest to scapula, the feeling of uncomfortable around the heart, etc.    

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Kalmia Latifolia should be used in symptoms as- early menstruations with pain in the body parts, waist and thigh, leucorrhoea (vagina watering) after menstrual flow, etc.

Symptoms related to the back: -

If the patient has pain below the back as if the waist is shattered at the same time, he also suffers from pain of the neck to arm, pain in the top of three back vertebras which moves to the scapula and pain in the waist muscles, etc., use of Kalmia Latifolia is very beneficial in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

Kalmia Latifolia is very useful remedy in symptoms as- pain in the joints of the triangular muscles in the right sice of the body, pain from buttock to the ankles and feet, debility of body parts, numbness, feeling of cold and piercing, numbness with sough in the left arm, rapid pain in the neural which controls on the muscle of fingers and thumb, intense pain in the index finger with ulnar nerve and joints inflammation.   

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

Kalmia Latifolia is very beneficial in the symptoms of sleepiness, lack of sleep at night, etc.

Aggravation: -

Symptoms are aggravated by moving the eyes, looking here and these, at noon, even by a little movement and by lying on the bed.

Amelioration: -

These symptoms are ameliorated by sitting or standing straight and after sun-set.

Complementary: -

Benzoic Acid is a complementary drug of Kalmia Latifolia.  

Comparison: -

Kalmia Latifolia can be compared with Spigelia and Pulsatilla.

Dose: -

The mother tincture or 6x potency of Kalmia Latifolia drug is beneficial for curing various symptoms.