Kali phosphoricum



Use of Kali Phosphoricum in various symptoms-

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

Kali Phosphoricum is a very useful drug in the symptoms of undesired for talking with others, fatigue even after doing little work, hysteria of women, excessive irritable, scaring all the time, shy to others, weak memory, sleeplessness, etc.

Head-related Symptoms: -

Kali Phosphoricum is a useful drug for curing symptoms as- pain in the rear of the head, dizziness after lying, sudden standing from a sitting posture and by looking upwards; headache while studying, headache with strange movements in the stomach, feeling of empty stomach.      

Symptoms related to the Eyes: -

If the patient suffers from weakness of eyesight, hanging of eyelids downwards by fatigue after diphtheria, brain debility with weakness of eyesight, feeling of foreign particles in the eyes, etc., Kali Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug to cure such symptoms.  

Nasal Symptoms: -

In symptoms as- odour from the nose due to presence of any disease, fetid secretion from the nose, etc., Kali Phosphoricum is reliable in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the Mouth: -

If the patient has symptoms as- foul breath, dusky coated tongue, toothache with gums bleeding, red filth on the teeth, gums mildness, removing of the gums backwards, etc., this medicine is beneficial for curing such patient.  

Face-related Symptoms: -

When the patient is suffering from cyanosis face, squeezed face with sunken eyes, neuralgic pain in the right side of the face, etc., Kali Phosphoricum is very useful drug is such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the Stomach: -

Kali Phosphoricum is a reliable remedy for curing symptoms of over eating, deprived hunger, stomachache due to flatulence, feeling of empty stomach completely and occurring of any type of ulcer in the stomach.

Abdominal symptoms: -

In abdominal swelling, diarrhoea, fetid stools, excretion caused by any fear, feeling loose motion while eating, blood discharging with stool, cholera, other gas troubles, etc., Kali Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Kali Phosphoricum is an excellent remedy for curing symptoms as- delayed menstruations, scanty menstrual flow, glory of sexual excitement after menstruations, rapid burning in the uterus and genital organs, over irritable modality of women, facial etiolation, screaming even on small topic, discharging of excessive, bright red, diluet and fetid menstrual flow, weak and abort labor-pain.   

Symptoms related to Male: -

Kali Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug for curing symptoms of incontinence semen emission, unsuccessful in coition and feeling of debility after sexual intercourse.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

Kali Phosphoricum is an excellent remedy in the cases of hematuria (blood discharging with urine), difficulty in holding urine even for a while, profuse yellow urine and frequent urination

Symptoms of Respiration: -

Taking Kali Phosphoricum regularly according to corse is reliable in the symptoms of dyspnea (difficult breathing) while climbing upwards, secretion of yellow mucus with cough, asthma and aggravation in breathing symptoms by taking even little meal.   

Symptoms associated with Fever: -

If the patient has low body temperature than normal, Kali Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

Kali Phosphoricum is a useful drug for curing symptoms of paralysis in genitals organs and waist, aggravation in symptoms while working, disappointment and feeling of fatigue with pain. 

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate by taking meals, by cold and in the morning.

Amelioration: -

The symptoms ameliorate by heat.

Comparison: -

Kali Phosphoricum can be compared with drugs like- Arse, Causticum, Lachesis, Gelse, Muriaticum-acidum, etc.  

Dose: -

The patient should take 3x to 12x potency of Kali Phosphoricum drug for getting relief according to his symptoms. 

Note -: -

Higher potency of Kali Phosphoricum can be also used in some particular cases according to different symptoms.