Kali permanganicum




Kali Permanganicum proves as very useful drug in the symptom of inflammation of the throat, nose and larynx. Besides them, this is very effective drug in diphtheria, menses troubles and poison of snake and other poisonous insects.

Use of Kali Permanganicum in various symptoms: 

Symptoms related with Breathe: -

Kali Permanganicum is a beneficial drug for curing symptoms of nose bleeding, relapsing cough troubles, feeling of rawness in the larynx (voice tube) and inflammation in the throat. 

Symptoms related with the Throat: -

If the patient has symptoms as- swollen throat with rapid pain, hemoptysis (blood discharging with sputum) when coughs, frequent pain behind the nose hole, pain in the neck muscles, fetid breath during respiration and inflammation in the throat etc., Kali Permanganicum is an excellent drug.    

Dose: -

The dilution of 2x potency of Kali Permanganicum drug is very effective.

Note: -

The solution can be prepared by dissolving 250 grams drug in 1 drum water for a local treatment. This solution is used for reducing odour of cancer, wounds, chronic catarrh and other smells. It is used as an injection in the cases of leucorrhoea (water discharging from the vagina) and gonorrhoea. 

Special note: -

Kali Permanganicum is considered as very powerful drug for removing effects of opium poison from the body. It acts directly on the opium and reduces poison effects by oxidizing it. This remedy acts effectively when it gets fully contact of opium or morphine. It is the largest theory of Homeopathic medicine- if the patient intake poison, dissolve 2-5 grains drug in water and give it to the patient immediately. The quantity of this drug can be increased and decreased according to poison amount.