Kali nitricum-nitrum (nitrate of potassium-saltpeter) - (kali-n)




Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is very effective drug in the symptoms of bloody diarrhoea, dysuria (burning in urine), loose motions, asthma, frequent urination, etc.  

Use of Kali Nitricum-Nitrum drug in various symptoms:

Head-related Symptoms: -

Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is a useful remedy for curing intense headache, vertigo, brain fag, aggravation in headache when bends, feeling of skull fragile and feeling as if the head is falling backwards.

Symptoms related to the Eyes: -

Kali Nitricum-Nitrum proves as an excellent drug in the symptoms of glaucoma, rapid burning in the eyes, lachrymation (frequent watery eyes), seeing strange things in the front of the eyes, etc.   

Nasal Symptoms: -

If the patient has symptoms as- swollen nose, appearance of much swelling on the right nostril, excessive sneezing, redden nose tip with burning, etc., Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is beneficial in such symptoms.  

Symptoms related to the Mouth: -

Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is very useful remedy for curing symptoms of red tongue due to pimples, feeling of burning sensation on the tongue crown and shrunken throat with pain.

Symptoms associated with Faeces: -

In the symptoms of dilute and watery loose motion, blood discharging with excretion and diarrhoea due to eating veal, etc., this drug proves reliable.    

Symptoms associate with Female: -

Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is very useful drug for curing symptoms as- early menstruations, profuse black color menstrual flow, pain in the waist after and before menses, discharging water from the vagina and burning in the ovary during menses secretion.  

Symptoms related to Breathe: -

If the patient has symptoms- throat irritation, attack of cough with hemoptysis (blood with expectoration) in the morning, chest pain, inflammation of the trachea (breathing tube), asthma with difficult breathing, retching, feeling of chest shrunken, suffocation in the morning, initial stages of tuberculosis, breathing is as difficult as water drinking is complicated, sour odour in sputum, deficiency of the larynx (voice duct), etc., Kali Nitricum-Nitrum proves very effective in such symptoms.   

Heart-related Symptoms: -

Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is very beneficial drug for curing such symptoms as- feeling of heart piercing, nerves debility, fast heartbeat, etc.

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

If the patient has symptoms as- inflammation in the fingers, rapid pain in the shoulder joints, piercing pain in the middle portion of scapula, etc., this medicine proves effective. 

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate by eating veal and in the morning and at noon, while ameliorate by drinking draught water. 

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

Opium and Nitri-sprit-dilsus

Comparison: -

This drug can be compared with Gun powder, Canna-sata, Lycopodium, Sangvi and Alium Sata.

Dose: -

3x to 30th potency of Kali Nitricum-Nitrum is beneficial according to the symptoms.