Introduction: -

Kali Iodatum is considered as miraculous for checking mercury poison. If mercury enters in the body by any way, and the poison of mercury spreads in the entire body, this drug proves very useful and checks the poisonous effects. Besides them, this drug is also beneficial for curing symptoms of scrofula, poison due to syphilis, sough sound in the ear, billious troubles in the body, scabies in the beard due to cut by razor during shave.   

Use of Kali Iodatum in various symptoms:

Nose-related Symptoms: -

If the patient suffered from syphilis has other symptoms as- catarrh occurred due to little cold or weather changing, excessive secretion of thick and yellow fluid, over sneezing, discharging of bone pieces and layers from the nose, smoothness in the nasal bone, decayed nasal bone, intense pain in the nose root, etc., Kali Iodatum proves efficacious in such symptoms.   

Throat-related Symptoms: -

Kali Iodatum proves as very effective drug for curing chronic wounds of the throat, any injury in the throat, secretion of salty and thick phlegm from the throat and feeling of apertures inside the throat.

Symptoms associated with Fever: -

Kali Iodatum is very useful drug in symptoms of fast bleeding from the brain, dominator of coma sense all the times, complete red eyes, fast breathing and feeling as if water has filled in the brain, etc. 

Symptoms of the external body parts: -

Kali Iodatum is a beneficial drug for curing symptoms as- joints inflammation, restlessness all the time, irritability and intense pain in the joints.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate at night, in cold wind and by taking rest.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms ameliorate by walking in open air and by moving all the time.

Dose: -

The patient should take 1st to 3rd potency of Kali Iodatum for curing diseases.