Kali hydriodicum



Kali Hydriodicum medicine is used for curing any type of symptom caused by syphilis.

Use of Kali Hydriodicum medicine in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

Kali Hydriodicum is very beneficial remedy in excessive irritable temperament, stingy in talk to someone, grief and sad all the time, blood accumulation in the head and feeling warmth and excessive burning.     

Symptoms related with the Head: -

Kali Hydriodicum is very useful remedy in acute headache, pain in both sides of the head, swelling in the nodes above the head, intense pain in the nose root and above the eyes, feeling of enlarged brain and piercing pain inside the jaw.

Symptoms related with the Nose: -

Kali Hydriodicum is very beneficial remedy in redden nose due to swelling, discharging of much pungent, hot and watery fluid from the nose, chronic catarrh, frequent sneezing and dryness inside the nose.

Symptoms related with the eyes: -

Kali Hydriodicum is very effective drug in the symptoms of white part of eyes converting into red, swelling due to eyelids pimples, eyes mud and others symptoms.  

Symptoms related with the Ears: -

Kali Hydriodicum proves as very beneficial drug in tinnitus aureum (different noise in the ear) and rapid pain in the ears.    

Abdominal symptoms: -

If the patient suffers from excessive salivation, unconsciousness in epi-gastric, aggravation in troubles by taking cold things and milk, excessive thirst, flatulence and rapid gastric pain with burning sensation, etc., Kali Hydriodicum should be used to cure such symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Kali Hydriodicum is very useful remedy in irregular menstruations, excessive discharging while menstrual secretion, feeling as if her uterus is washing by someone during menstruations, swelling of the uterus, leucorrhoea, chronic uterus burning occurring in the new bride and other symptoms.

Symptoms related with Breathe: -

If the patient has symptoms as- acute cough after getting up in the morning, lungs swelling, feeling of rawness in the pharynx, feeling of sudden suffocation while sleeping, discharging of green mucous with cough, pneumonia, piercing pain from the lungs to waist and difficult breathing with pain while stairs up, etc., Kali Hydriodicum should be used is such symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with the external body parts: -

Kali Hydriodicum is very beneficial drug in intense pain of the bones, inflammation with sharp pain in the long bone of the leg, arthritis that aggravates at night and in cold weather; joints straining, pain in the waist and in the lower portion, troubles with buttocks pain while walking and feeling of crawling in the genitals after sitting.  

Symptoms associated with skin: -

In the symptoms of blue specks on the skin and legs, facial acnes, tiny abscesses on the body, enlarged and strict glands, high temperature of the body, cracked skin of the child anus, inflammation of the eyelids, swelling of the throat uvula, attacks of tumours on the body, other skin diseases, etc., Kali Hydriodicum proves as very effective drug in such symptoms.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate by donning warm clothes, in hot room, at night and in the humid weather, while ameliorate by walking or walking in open air.

Anti-miasmatic medicine: -


Comparison: -

Kali Hydriodicum can be compared with drugs like- Iodum, Mercurius, Sulphur, Mezerium, Chopchini, etc.

Dose: -

1x to 6x potency of Kali Hydriodicum is useful for the patient.