Kali cyanatum




Kali Cyanatum is very useful in neuralgic pain and cancer of the tongue. Besides them, it is considered as very effective drug in headache due to vomiting, sciatica, epilepsy and other symptoms.

Use of Kali Cyanatum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related with the tongue: - 

Kali Cyanatum is very beneficial remedy in tongue ulcers like blisters which are hard edged, facing of problems when speak, lost of speaking power, but persistance of mental weakness.

Symptoms related with the face: -

Kali Cyanatum is a useful drug in the cases of punctual neurlagia (nerves pain) of the temples, intense and rapid pain partially in the jaw and orbit region and symptoms of fainting.  

Symptoms associated with Breathe: -

If the patient has symptoms of sleepiness due to cough, difficulty in breathing by which inability for a deep breathe, other breathing symptomps, etc., Kali Cyanatum medicine is efficacious.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate from 4:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.

Comparison: -

Kali Cyanatum can be compared with Stannum, Sendron, Mezerium, Platina, etc.

Dose: -

6x to 200th potency of Kali Cyanatum drug is beneficial curing symptoms.