Kali chloricum


Introduction: -

Kali Chloricum is a very useful drug in the symptoms of mouth blisters, urine troubles during pregnancy, chronic inflammation of the kidneys and liver.

Use of Kali Chloricum in various symptoms-

Symptoms related to the mouth: -

Kali Chloricum is a beneficial drug in symptoms as- water-brash (excessive sour salivation), swelling of the tongue, mouth blisters, foul breath and ulcers of brown root inside the mouth.

Stomach-related Symptoms: -

Kali Chloricum should be used in symptoms as- feeling of heaviness in the navel and digestive systems, flatulence, discharging of green or black material with vomiting, etc.

Symptoms related to Faeces: -

In the cases of dark green loose-motion, Kali Chloricum should be used.

Symptoms related with urine: -

Kali Chloricum is very beneficial drug in the symptoms of cereal in urine, scanty urination, hematuria, diuresis, nucleo-albumin and bile with urine, increased volume of phosphoric acid and decreased volume of Ghansaar.                             

Symptoms of skin diseases: -

This is very useful drug in the symptoms of jaundice, itch-full skin, skin blackness and skin diseases like chocolate-colored.  

Dose: -

The patient should take 2x potency of Kali Chloricum according to symptoms.

Precaution: -

Kali Chloricum is very toxicants (poisonous) so it should be used very carefully.