Kali carbonicum




Kali Carbonicum is very effective drug in reducing the functions of the body and symptoms caused by stopped blood circulation.

Use of Kali Carbonicum drug in various symptoms: -

Heart-related symptoms: -

If the patient suffers from headache due to cold air during hoarse-riding, vertigo by moving the head, pricking pain in the temples, slight pain in the rear of the head, retching during journey, feeling looseness in the head, beginning of headache with yawnings, excessive dandruff in the hair and alopecia etc., Kali Carbonicum drug proves as very effective in curing diseases. 

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: - 

If the patient scares in alone and insists for every thing as well as the patient suffers also from symptoms as- changeable nature like sometimes he is laughing while in the other moment he starts crying, undesires for talking properly with someone, crying with fear by a touch or a little noise, etc., such symptoms are cured by using Kali Carbonicum drug.    

Symptoms associated with the Eyes: -

Kali Carbonicum is a useful drug in cases as- feeling as if something is piercing in the eyes, black patches and reticulate ahead the eyes, eyelids are sticking with each other due to eyes mud in the morning, swelling above the eyelids, swelling in middle of both the eyebrows and eyelids, eyesight weakness caused by over sexual intercourse and feeling as if light is entering inside the brain after closing both the eyes.   

Ears-related symptoms: -

Kali Carbonicum is beneficial remedy in intense itching inside the ears, feeling of piercing in the ears and tinnitus aureum (differnet noise in the ear).  

Nose-related Symptoms: -

Kali Carbonicum is a useful medicine in symptmos as- discharging from internals of the nose, nostrils pain, coat in the nose, secretion of blood with mucous from the nose, coats in the top of nostrils, nose bleeding while washing the face and other symptoms associated with the nose.  

Symptoms related with the mouth: -

Kali Carbonicum is very beneficial drug in the symptoms of discharging of pus from the gums due to separation of the gums from the teeth, mouth blisters, complete white tongue, messy taste of the mouth and salivation all the time.  

Symptoms associated with urine: -

Kali Carbonicum is very efficacious drug in frequent urination at night, feeling of pressure on the ureter before urination and incontinence urine when cough or sneeze.  

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Kali Carbonicum is beneficial drug in flatulence, piercing pain in the liver, chronic pain of the liver, jaundice, dropsy and other symptoms.

Symptoms associated with Male: -

If the patient is facing lots of problems while sexual intercourse with female, unsuccessful to make his partner happy (satisfied) during intercourse as well as the patient has also symptoms of sexual debility due to incontinence  semen dicharing etc., Kali Carbonicum proves as very effective drug in such symptoms.   

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Kali Carbonicum is an excellent remedy in symptoms as- advanced menstrual secretion, profuse discharging during menses or beginning of menstrual secretion before long period, scanty menstruations, pain in women genitals, backpain which aggravates towards the buttock muscles, rapid stomachache, irregular menstrual secretion with breasts symptoms, dropsy, intense pain during first menses in puberty, woman feels troubles after delivery, bleeding from the uterus and other symptoms of female.  

Symptoms associated with the stomach: -

If the patient craves for sweet things all the time and has symptoms as- feeling as if a ball has lied inside the stomach, suffocation, stomach deficiency due to cold water, anorexia in an old, gastric troubles, burning sensation, flatulence, excessive sour belching, retching, sour vomiting, feeling vomiting after looking at any eatables, pain of the digestive systems which aggravates towards the back, other symptoms, etc., Kali Carbonicum proves as very beneficial drug to cure such symptoms.     

Syptoms related with the throat: -

If the patient has symptoms like- excessive dryness in the throat as if it has burnt from inside, sticky pain in the throat as if fish thorn has entangled in the throat, troubles in swallowing, food comes in in the pharynx slowly and phlegm after getting in the morning, etc., Kali Carbonicum drug proves very benefical in such symptoms. 

Sypmtoms associated with the Rectum: -

Kali Carbonicum is very beneficial drug in itchfull small pimples around the anus, blood discharging with stool while the stool is clear, feeling of piecring pain in the anus after one hour of excretion, blood hemorrhoids, intense pain in hemorrhoids warts during cough and burning with itching in the rectum and anus. 

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

Kali Carbonicum is an effective remedy in the cases of going for sleep just after the dinner, sleeplessness at night and awaking at 2 a.m.   

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Kali Carbonicum is a very helpful drug for curing skin burning as mustard plaster on the whole body. 

Symptoms related with the external body organs: -

Kali Carbonicum is very benefical remedy for curing symptoms as- rapid pain with swelling of the body parts, swelling of the ankles, inability of the waist and legs for doing any work, feeling of heaviness, jerking and uncomfortable in the body organs, feeling uncomfortable from the shoulder to wrist, complete numbness in the body organs, rapid pain in the hands and toes, pain of the toes with itching, pain in the buttocks to ankles, paralysis of an old and ascites (stomach filled with water). .

Symptoms associated with the Heart: -

If the patient has symptoms as feeling of inactive heart, abnormity in pulpitation, intense burning in the heart, fast movement of the nerve, possibility of heart attacks, etc., Kali Carbonicum drug should be used to cure such symptoms.  

Aggravation: -

These smpytoms aggravate after sexual intercourse, in cold weather, by taking coffee or soup, at 3:00 a.m., by lying on the left side or on affected side, in hot weather and in day time.  

Amelioration: -

These symptoms ameliorate by walking or moving.

Amt-miasmatic medicines: -

Camphora and Kaphia.

Supplementary: -


Comparison: -

Kali Carbonicum can be compared with drugs like- Bryonia, Lycopodium, Natrum Muriaticum, Nitricum acidum, Stannum, etc.

Dose: -

The trituration of Kali Carbonicum drug is useful in 6x or higher than 3 poteny.

Note: -

Kali Carbonicum should not be given again and again (frequently). This drug should be used with very carefullness in the cases of chronic arthitis, kidney inflammation and tuberculosis (T.B.).