Kali bromatum



Introduction: - 

Kali Bromatum proves very effective in memory weakness, numbness in the mucous membranes of the eyes, throat and skin; facial acnes and lack of sexual power.

Use of Kali Bromatum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Kali Bromatum is very beneficial drug in facial acnes, small pimples, feeling much itching on the chest, shoulders and face; skin numbness, itching and other skin diseases.   

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

If the patient feels sleepy all the time and suffers from restlessness during sleep, presentation of any disturbance in mind, insomnia due to over sexual intercourse or grief, feeling fear during sleep, teeth grinding at night, dare dreams, somnambulism (walking in sleep), other symptoms, etc., Kali Bromatum drug should be used.  

Symptoms related with urine: -

Kali Bromatum is an excellent remedy in the stricture of the ureter, frequent urination with over thirst, diabetes (sugar in urine), yellow colored urine, belching, vomiting, etc.

Symptoms related with Male: -

If the patient dreams sexual thoughts at night and suffers from semen discharging, weakness, impotency, poor memory due to excessive sexual intercourse, numbness in the body parts, sexual excitement at midnight, etc., Kali Bromatum drug should be used in such symptoms.  

Symptoms related with Female: -

In the symptoms of headache before menses beginning, scanty menstrual secretion, sexual excitement, neuralgic restlessness with uterus pain, vaginal itching, pimples on the ovary glands, other symptoms, etc., Kali Bromatum medicine should be used.   

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

Kali Bromatum proves as very effective drug in bad thoughts, unbelieviness in god, memory weakness, upset and restless mind, feeling scare all the time as if someone give poison to him, inability for speaking or thinking anything while speaking with others revised words, scares from darkness, strange thoughts and occasional screaming.    

Symptoms related with the Head: -

Sometimes the patient feels as if head is absent in his body or numbness of his head, patient has also other symptoms as- chocked throat due to cold and catarrh, pink face due to anger, excessive insanity with tremors, etc., Kali Bromatum is very useful drug in such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the Throat: -

Kali Bromatum is a useful drug in the symptoms of throat uvula, blood depositing in the tonsils, tonsillitis, numbness in the pipe of pharynx and larynx and facing troubles in swallowing anything (especially liquids).  

Symptoms related with the stomach: -

Kali Bromatum is a useful remedy in vomiting just after taking meal, over thirst, frequent hiccups and other symptoms.  

Abdominal Symptoms: -

The patient feels as if his stomach is coming outside, the child suffered from cholera feels restless in the brain; and suffers from chaos muscles, green and watery motions, intense thirst, vomiting, sunken eyes inwards, sadness, feeling coldness inside the stomach, discharging of excessive blood with motions, sunken stomach and other abdominal symptoms. Kali Bromatum proves as very effective drug in above symptoms.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate by doing mental work, emotionality, over sexual intercourse at night, during pregnancy, before and during menstruations.

Amelioration: -

These symptoms ameliorate by working without intervals.

Comparison: -

Kali Bromatum drug can be compared with Ambra, Belladonna, Camphora, Cuprum, Gelsemium, Hyo, Ignatia, Kali-Phaleke, Lycopodium, Mercurius, Nux-vomica, Opi, Plumb, Si, Tarentula, Zinc, Zast, etc.

Dose: -

3x is the useful potency of Kali Bromatum medicine for curing diseases.