Kali bichromicum



Use of Kali Bichromicum in various symptoms-

Symptoms related with the eyes: -

Kali Bichromicum is very beneficial drug for curing symptoms of blepharitis with burning, secretion of stringy and yellow fluid from the eyes, suffering from eyelids ulcer without pain or trouble due to light, neuralgic pain in the right side of the orbits, feeling slight pain with burning in the eyes, eyes inflammation and depositing in the eyelids.   

Symptoms related with the Head: -

Kali Bichromicum is a useful remedy in cases as- vertigo after standing suddenly, retching, pain in the upper portion of the eyebrows, glaucoma, hemicrania of small child due to chronic catarrh, pain in the forehead above one eye and other symptoms.     

Symptoms related with the Ears: -

In the ear swelling with rapid pain, discharging of yellow, thick, fibrous and offensive fluid from the ears and feeling of pricking pain inside the left ear, Kali Bichromicum proves very beneficial in such symptoms. 

Symptoms related with the Nose: -

Kali Bichromicum is an excellent drug in mucous running from the nose while chocked nose of the child, intense pain with tightness in the nose root, discharging of fetid, thick, yellow with greenish and fibrous fluid from the nose, frequent running nose, difficult breathing, over sneezing, choked nose with the symptoms of cold and catarrh and ignorant to smell.    

Symptoms related with the face: -

Kali Bichromicum is very useful remedy in bright red pimples on the face, presence of acnes, softness of the bones under the orbits and complete redness on the face. 

Symptoms related with the mouth: -

Kali Bichromicum is very beneficial remedy in mouth dryness, sticky salivation inside the mouth, red tongue with greasy, odd shaped and dry, teeth marks on the tongue and feeling of adhesiveness on the tongue as if hairs are affixed.

Symptoms related with the stomach: -

If the patient feels much heaviness inside the stomach after taking meal and pricking pain in the spinal cord, spleen and liver as well as patient suffers also from lack of thirst, difficulty in the digestion of meat, desire for taking beer and sour things, but presence of retching and vomiting after taking them, secretion of only yellow water in the vomiting, etc., Kali Bichromicum proves as very effective drug in above symptoms.      

Symptoms associated with Faeces: -

Kali Bichromicum drug should be used in the symptoms of frequent excretions in the morning, excretion of adhesive stool, discharging of blood with stool, feeling of locked anus, regular constipation with stitching back pain and brown color urine. 

Symptoms associated with urine: -

If the patient feels as if urine is about to come even after urination once, suffers from ureter burning, discharging of stringy mucous with urine, retention of urine, swelled kidney due to blood accumulation, strangury (dysuria), discharging of mucous, pus, blood coming with urine, etc., Kali Bichromicum medicine is very useful.    

Symptoms related with the back: -

In stitching back pain, aggravation in problems by walking and moving pain to the starenum, sarcum, coccyx, etc., Kali Bichromicum drug should be used.   

Symptoms associated with the external body parts: -

Kali Bichromicum is very beneficial drug in intense pain of the body parts, bones pain due to cold, excessive weak bone, pain in the left ankle which decreases by living dynamic, feeling pain in the heel by walking, inflammation and stiffing, crackling sound in all the joints and pain with swelling in the tendon and muscles.

Symptoms associated with Male: -

This is very useful drug in the symptoms of the penis, itching with pain and pimples, penis enlargement at night, stricture in the root of the penis at night, feeling provoked pain in the excited the penis and penis ulcer with sticky discharging due to hot.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Kali Bichromicum is very useful drug in discharging of yellow and adhesive water from the vagina with intense burning and excitement, roughness in the upper membrane of the uterus and aggravating the symptoms in the hot weather. 

Symptoms associated with breathing: -

This is an excellent remedy in intermittence cough, discharing of excessive yellow and adhesive phelgm with cough, tickling in the larynx, larynx inflammation due to catarrh, cough with pain in the sternum and scapula, pain in the part of wind-pipe where it divides into two ways and pain in the sternum and back.     

Abdominal symptoms: -

Kali Bichromicum drug provides relief in the symptoms of rapid stomachache after taking meals, chronic intestinal ulcers, pain in the right Adh:parshuka, internal-palpitation in the hepatic fatty and abdominal pain with burning due to stricture.

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Kali Bichromicum is very beneficial drug for curing facial acnes, appearance of small pimples like chicken pox on the skin, itching in the blistery pimples and skin symptoms. 

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

Arse and Lachesis.

Aggravation: -

These symptoms aggravate by drinking beer, in the morning, in hot weather and at the time of putting off the clothes. 

Amelioration: -

These symptoms ameliorate by heat.

Comparison: -

Kali Bichromicum drug can be compared with Tarta-Imet, Bromium, Hepar, Indigo, Calca, Antimonium-crudum, Bromi, etc.

Dose: -

This drug should be used in 3x, 30x and higher potency.