Kali Arsenicum drug is considered as very effective for curing all kinds of skin diseases.

Use of Kali Arsenicum in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Skin diseases: -

If the skin of patinet is quite dried and shrunken with other symptoms as- rapid itching which aggravates by putting off clothes, appearace of acnes and pimples on the women face which increases during menstrual excretion, chronic eczema, itching, attack of red pimples on the entire body, falling of cracklings in the joints of the knees and arms, skin cancer which aggravates suddenly without any information and crops of small tumours beneath skin. Using Kali Arsenicum drug recovers the patient soon.     

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Kali Arsenicum is an excellent remedy in the cases of appearance of ulcers and pimples like cauliflower on the uterus vent with rapid pain, fetid discharging and feeling of tightness below the Ugnasthi.  

Dose: -

3x to 30th is the best potency of Kali Arsenicum drug for curing different symptoms.