Colour: Kakaee’s leaves are green and flowers are yellow.

Taste: It is spicy.

Structure: Kakaee is a tree, which belongs to country mallow. It is also known as “Gangrun”.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Removing side effects: Sugar removes all side effects of kakaee.

Comparison: It can be compared with echinoees echinatus.

Dose: It is used in the quantity of 5 grams.


Kakaee is bitter and spicy. Its seeds take time in digestion. Kakaee eliminates vatta and destroys worms. It quenches over thirst and alleviates poisoning. It stops vomiting and is beneficial in heart problems, piles and problems relating to ureter. It reduces swelling. Its leaves provide relief in backache. Gargle with its decoction to stop toothache. Take kakaee leaves with black pepper regularly. This medicine provides relief in insanity.