Kadli Banana



Colour: Its leaves are green. Its pods are yellow and red from upper side and white from inside.

Structure: There are trees of Kadli banana of which leaves are very big.

Nature: It is cool in nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of kadli banana produces phlegm.

Removing side effects: Salt, dry ginger and honey remove all the side effects of kadli banana.

Comparison: It can be compared with sugar.


The use of Kadli banana enhances sperm count. It is considered useful for the heart. The soft pods of Kadli banana are sweet and increase appetite. Inflammation and gas of the stomach disappear by its use.

The flowers of Kadli banana are sweet, fragrant but take time in digestion. Its flower keeps the mind happy and eliminates vatta and pitta. It is used for the treatment of blood disorders, tuberculosis, sprain, enlarged spleen and fever.

The juice of Kadli banana is cool natured and stops the motions. It gets rid of urinary problems, spermathorrhoea, ear diseases, diarrhoea and bleeding.     

Kadli banana is light, dry, pungent and heavy. It enhances body strength. Its pods are used to get rid of dry cough and dryness of the throat. It makes the body strong and energetic. It destroys the worms of the stomach. Take it to check the irregularity of menstrual excretion.

Precaution: Over quantity of its raw pods causes constipation.

Useful in this disease:     

Hiccup: Take 7 to 14 ml juice of kadli banana’s root with 10 grams sugar twice a day. Its sue stops hiccup.