Justicia adhatoda




Justicia adhatoda is used for curing all types of cold and catarrh.

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head-related symptoms:

Justicia adhatoda is an excellent remedy in the cases of feeling head heaviness as if lots of weight has put on the head, sensation of forehead-inflammation and feeling of vibration in both the sides of the head. 

Face related symptoms:

Justicia adhatoda should be used in the cases of yellow circles around the eyes.

Mouth related symptoms:

Justicia adhatoda is a great remedy in the cases of layers of white filth on the tongue, anorexia, tongue dryness and feeling over thirst for drinking cold water

Stool related symptoms:

Justicia adhatoda drug can be used for curing suppression of motions due to constipation.

Mind related symptoms:

The patient does not like to talk with someone and feels fear to go outside the home. The patient scares of spoiling work before doing that. 

Respiratory-related symptoms:

Justicia adhatoda is very beneficial remedy in the cases of feeling of lungs contraction, sensation of tightness across the chest, shivering in the whole body during cough, difficulty while inhaling, blood coming with phlegm, sensation of dyspnea, with frequent sneezing, asthma, whooping cough and dry cough from the sternum. These symptoms aggravate by lying on the left side and in a hot room.   

Fever related symptoms:

In fever, first of all, the patient suffers from feeling of coldness in the evening daily, profuse sweating at night, T.B. of the lungs and other problems of the lungs with low fever and cough. Justicia adhatoda is very useful for curing above symptoms.


These symptoms aggravate by talking, feeling cold and in a closed room.


These symptoms ameliorate by living quite, walking in the open air and living alone.


Justicia adhatoda can be compared with Aco, Ara, Aca-E, Bryonia, Euphrasia and Spongi.


3x, 6x and 30th potency of Justicia adhatoda should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of diseases.