Juniperus communis




Juniperus communis is an excellent remedy in the cases of burning sensation due to secretion from the kidney, all types of dropsy, retention of urine, problems in digestive process of old person and scanty urination.

Useful in various symptoms:

Urine-related symptoms:

Juniperus communis is used in the cases of strangury, scanty urination, blood coming with urine having offensive smell, sensation of kidney heaviness, sperm with urine and excessive weakness of the kidney. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Respiratory-related symptoms:

Juniperus communis is very beneficial remedy in the cases of with profuse or scanty urination.


Juniperus communis can be compared with Sabina and Juniperus vijiniyans.


Mother tincture of Juniperus communis should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of diseases.