Juniper Berry


Juniper berry can be compared with sulekha and cinnamon. Juniper berry is brown.  It is bitter.Colour: Juniper berry is brown.

Taste: It is bitter.

Structure: Juniper berry is a fragrant fruit, which is big than vakla and equal of small plum.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of juniper berry may be harmful for the liver and stomach.

Removing side effects: Ghee and honey remove the side effects of it.

Compare: Juniper berry can be compared with sulekha and cinnamon.

Doge: It should be used in 6 grams quantity.


Juniper berry is spicy and bitter in taste, hot and stimulating in nature. It is useful for the treatment of piles, vatta, indigestion, stomach diseases and diarrhoea. It eliminates gas and kills stomach worms and brings phlegm out. It cures anuria-dysuria, spleen disease and alleviates poison. It generates dryness, constipation in the body and irritation in intestines. It is very useful to cure asthma and dropsy. It makes menstrual exertion normal and destroys to the embryo.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Liver enlargement: Taking 2-6 grams powder of juniper berry twice a day is useful to get relief in all the diseases of the liver.

2. Rheumatism: Taking 60 milligrams juniper berry twice a day regularly is beneficial to get relief in rheumatism.