Juglans cinerea




Juglans cinerea is used in the cases of intensive pain in the rear of the head caused by liver problems. Besides it, this medicine has excellent effect to cure these symptoms as pain in the chest, armpits and scapula, feeling of suffocation and gall stone.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Juglans cinerea is a beneficial remedy in the cases of feeling as if lots of weight has kept on the head, slight headache, acute pain in the rear of the head, feeling of head enlargement and small pimples around the eyes and eyelids. 

Nose-related symptoms:

Juglans cinerea should be used in the cases of frequent sneezing, sensation of tickling inside the nose, pain below the sternum before catarrh and feeling of suffocation after that, excessive and thick discharge of mucous from the nose. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Mouthted-rela symptoms:

Juglans cinerea is the great remedy in the cases of tongue dryness, pain of the outer tonsils and sensation in the mouth and throat as if something is burning.

Stool-related symptoms:

Juglans cinerea can be used in the cases of green and yellow excretion, anus inflammation and groaning while excretion and camp diarrhoea. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with the stomach:

Juglans cinerea is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive belching, flatulence caused by stomach gas and pain of the whole liver.

Back-related symptoms:

Juglans cinerea drug is used in the cases of hardness of the neck muscles, pain in the right portion of the lower scapula and pain of the back vertebras. It provides complete relief from above symptoms. 

Skin related symptoms:

Juglans cinerea is very useful medicine in the cases of jaundice along with pain of the liver and scapulas, body itching with feeling of pricking something due to body warmth, small pimples of the skin, skin redness as in the case of scarlet fever, thatching of the genitalia organs, hands and sacrum and skin diseases caused by contaminated blood.  


These symptoms aggravate by walking and moving.


These symptoms ameliorate by itching, by taking exercise and due to heat. 


Juglans cinerea can be compared with Bryonia, Iris, Chelidonium, etc.


Mother tincture or 3 potency of Juglans cinerea should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of diseases.